Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Science Fiction

I signed up to do Camp Nanowrimo and as usual I forgot to consider what else I needed to do besides that.

You are suppose to be working on you WIP, writing as many words as you can and at the end of your writing session you put in the words you added to your WIP that day.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?  Nah!  It is turning out harder than I thought.  Holy Moly you would think I could write thousands of words a day.  It is not happening!

Plus you are suppose to do this everyday no matter what.  I am finding life is getting in the way.

I mean, I am also trying to find a day job to support my habit of eating, paying bills and etc.

I haven't had to hunt for a job in a long time and let me tell you things have changed out there.

It is all so techo, science fi now.

Everything is done on the computer.  Looking for the job, applying for the job.  I don't know about the interviewing yet, since I haven't had one.

Looking for a job is taking up more of my time then I remember it taking years ago.

Which means, instead of writing I am checking out job sites that have emailed me about new jobs being posted.

I have to say this job search seems so impersonal than it use too.

I can hardly wait for my first interview and see if it happens on the computer.  LOL

My resume is posted all over the place let me tell you. 

The question is, is anyone seeing it?   I think hunting for a job is like fishing and you go home empty handed.

I keep telling myself something will come alone.  I hope it is sooner than later.

But, I keep hoping my books will start selling like hot cakes and I want have to worry about a day job.

I can dream can't I?

Buy my books, please!

See you around the block.

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