Monday, January 30, 2012

Exciting Weekend

Strange Looking Tree

Good Monday morning to everyone.  How was your weekend?  Mine was great, on Saturday I read a book.  Yeah! 

Sunday, my son Wayne and my grand kids Gracie and Grant took me out to lunch.  We ate at Logan's which is a steak house.  They had homemade rolls to die for.  The dessert we ordered was delivered in tiny tin buckets with the name Logan on the side.   After you eat the dessert, you pull the plastic out and take the bucket home.  Unfortunately I left mine in Wayne's pick up.  Darn!

Then after lunch we went over to the Big Bass Pro Shop.  I love going in there to look at the stuffed animals and to watch the fish.  They have some really big fish in their tanks.

There was one big fish, a cat fish who was a bully.  He would go around pushing the other fish out of the way or dive under them to bump them.  Another big cat fish didn't like it and there was a small fight for a little bit.  I never realized that fish acted like children. 

They have quite a few different types of fish in the tank.  The only one I recognize was the cat fish.  Who could miss a fish with whiskers?  Some had very pretty designs on their sides and coloration.  The cat fish didn't look scaly, which was strange.  He looked like he had soft gray fur.  Never having felt a cat fish, I couldn't tell you if this was true.  Also the cat fish were fat and that is the best way I can describe them.  There were a couple of smaller cat fish and they were black.  I don't know if their color changes when they get bigger or if they are a different breed of cat fish.  I noticed they stayed on the bottom out of the way of the bully. 

A couple of the fish had lips that looked like human lips and the would come toward the glass wall with pucker lips.  I told Gracie they wanted to give her a kiss.

Another fish came to the glass wall opening and closing his mouth.  I told Grant they wanted to bite his fingers.

Of course both grand kids gave me strange looks and grinned at me.

We were lucky enough to be in time to watch them feed the fish. 

 They threw out some large chunks of fish food.  Not all the fish seemed interested in these.  They threw out a large size of fish food and some of the fish who hadn't been interested in the first, ate some of this.  Then they dropped some worms in the tank.  Lord, all those fish loves worms.  One smallish fish flashed across the tank to eat a worm before the bigger fish could even open his mouth to grab the worm.  Then for the finale, they threw in some small fish.  Once again all the fish was interested in this food.  The small fish would hide in the rocks and under some drift wood.  The bully cat fish just barreled through the drift wood to get his snack.  It was really an interesting sight to see.   

Then I followed my son around while he shopped. 

I have a new picture of a hunk for you:

A Hunk of Wood

Friday, January 27, 2012

Is It Friday Yet?

Site is working today and I was able to up load this picture. 

My computer reminded me it was Friday and I needed to do my blog.  Yes, I am getting this up very late, but at least I got it done.

The Bloggess blogs on other sites and on this one she is teaching us about manners.  You go girl!

E. J. Copperman has an interesting post over at Jungle Red Writers about being given advice.  I think he is telling me, writing is a very personal thing and we each need to find our own way to do it.  Works for me.

Mainly what a want to do today is advertise my new book.  It will be out soon as an e book at Smashwords and Amazon.  I will let you know when I have up loaded it.

Could life become more complicated?  Wendy was finding out the hard way it could.  First a parrot by the name of Charlie walked into her life yelling murder.  Her ex-boyfriend is making threatening phone calls and then Detective Brandon who is checking out the murder of Charlie’s owner is the bully who had made Wendy’s life hell in high school.  Fate was laughing its butt off.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not Working Right

This site is driving me crazy today.  It refuses to let me upload a picture.  UGH!!!

So if you want to see the real version of this blog go to Here I Go Again
This site is working and letting me up load pictures.

Okay I have to share this and even if I have shared it before, I don't care.  I love this music video and let me tell you if I had a hot guy living next door my car would be clean,  I mean really clean.  Right now it is so covered in dirt, it is hard to tell what color it really is.  My excuse is:  ARE YOU READY?  I'm waiting for it to warm up.  No, really!  To a desert lizard anything below eighty is sweater weather and who wants to freeze by getting wet.  Well, maybe if the guy was great looking, I would consider it.

Call Me Maybe
This video is sooo funnny!
Lynn Viehl  has a great post on archaeology magazine and sites.  She explains how reading these could lead to a story.  I love history, so I saved the sites and plan to go back to read.

This blog site is acting up today.  It want let me up load any pictures.  UGH!!  There are times I hate some of these sites and computers too.

Will have my new book Charlie out by next week in e book.  Look for it at Smashwords, Amazon and etc.

I worked all evening on this blurb:

Could life become more complicated?  Wendy was finding out the hard way it could.  First a parrot by the name of Charlie walks into her life yelling murder.  Then her ex-boyfriend is making threatening phone calls.  THEN the detective checking out the murder of Charlie's owner is the bully who had made Wendy's life hell in high school.   Sure they had both grown up and matured, but Wendy wasn't sure Detective Brandon had changed from the cruel teenager in high school.  Fate was laughing it's butt off.

What do you think of it?  Should I change it or does it grab your attention?  Let me know.

I am working on creating the cover today and hope to be able to add it to my blog, twitter, facebook pages soon.

This was suppose to be a single book, but the characters, especially Charlie are telling me there is another murder we need to get involved in.  We will see how it goes.

Monday, January 23, 2012



First a quiz!  What does DBG stand for?  Come on you know.  You have seen it enough times already.  So make a guess.

Okay, enough playing around.  I have been reading the blogs of other writers and realized we seem to all being going through depression.  Is it the season? 

But there I hesitate to say that, because I live in the sunny part of Arizona and our winters are not winters in other places. 

We have many days with sunshine and very very comfortable temperatures.  It is rare for a cloudy day and when we have one you would think it was a gift from the heavens. 

Or could it be, that because we are writers we spend a lot of time a lone and really we are just very lonely people?

Then again are we writers because we are depression prone people?

I don't know the answers to the questions, but it seems something we all have in common.

I also have enjoyed knowing I am not the only one with voices in my head.  I mean really, doesn't everyone have a conversation going on in their head and they really aren't part of the discussion?

Once again we have something in common.  We people our world with imaginary friends.  Our parents probably hoped we would grow out of this.  Did they get a shock when we didn't?

We talk about our characters as if they are real.  As if they had feelings, desires and issues like the rest of us.

Geesh, we even know how they smell and smell leads me to another thing.

Where are all these writers getting the pictures of hunks to put on their blogs?  Yah, I know your wondering how smell lead to this.  Will, I'm not telling, it just happened.

Hmmmmmmm, oh I'm sorry, I just put hunk in the search box and became side tracked with what came up.   Lord have mercy, I think I just died and went to heaven, hunky heaven.  Yes, I will have to mark this page as FAVORITE.

My, My , My, some are a little, shall we say RISQUE!  

It is so hard to choose which one to show you!  I'll just close my eyes and touch the picture I will share.  Are you ready??

Dang!  I need to have my finger checked out.  I have to admit this is really good candy.  Hmm, I need to go the the store, but I will make sure I drive by a gym that has a big glass front.

See you around the block.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Mind is a Mysterious Thing!

Princess Daisy and her Court

Geesh, I bet your saying, that is just another picture of the Desert Botanical Garden.  But I bet the caption caught your attention.

I don't know about you but I keep having to add slang words to my dictionary.  The word geesh, drove it crazy.   When Microsoft is updating it's hardware, they should up date their dictionary.  

Finished my editing on Charlie and I am having two of my readers read it.  I want to make sure it grabs the attention and doesn't let go.

I was working on a sequel to Charlie, but another story has taken over.  So I guess I will work on it instead.  Really, I would get more done if new characters wouldn't take over. 

Do you have this problem?  Can you work on one book at a time or do you work on more than one?

The new story that is pledging me  doesn't have a name yet.  But it is a mystery where the murder doesn't turn out to be murder.  Something else happens.  I haven't worked out all the details yet.  Usually by this time I have more than one title circling around in my head, but this one there is still a blank.  Hmm, I may have to call it by one of the characters name until I come up with a title to keep it straight in my head.  Sometimes I change the title of my stories a number of times before I settle on one and other times the first title I thought of is the one I use.  Such as my title "Second Chance", I called it by that title since the day of conception.
The mind is a mysterious thing.  I can hear my kids laughing and hooting at this moment.  They think my mind is more mysterious then most.  Be nice kids, or I will take you out of the will.  

That sent them rolling on the floor as they cried, "What would I leave them?  A 1999 Saturn?"
I love my Saturn and it gets great gas mileage.
I have been thinking about what kind of day job I need to apply for.  I don't want to go back into teaching.  I am really burned out from that.  Just thinking about it I start sweating and my heart pounds.  I am worried about the balance in my savings account getting lower and lower.  So far I haven't sold enough books to pay for the copy write, but I keep thinking I have a reader out there somewhere who will spread the word my books are good.  One day I am optimistic and the next day pessimistic.  

Any way I hate being down in the dumps so I will share with you a site on Smart Bitches.  The ending of the video is so funny and to think if that new law goes into place we would not get to share moments like this. 

It's all about writing naked.  Caught your attention?  Read it and find out.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fainting Damsel   
He stood on the sidelines waiting for a chance to find the pictures.  Pictures held the evidence of what he had done.  He had killed twice now and he knew he could kill again.  Buy at Smashwords!

Second Chance
How dare she return to take Javier away from her.  He belonged to her and no one was taking him from her.  She would do what ever it took to keep Javier by her side.  Buy at Smashwords!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I am not posting today!  I am against any kind of censorship.  See you on Friday.  As you know the computer and I have an agreement, I don't do anything to it and it want do anything to my writing, sooo I don't know how to black it out for today.  See you around the block.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Do You Hear Voices?

Desert Botantical Garden

Catchy title huh?  Well the title is connected to what we are going to be talking about.

This voice can be of a loved one or one or more of our characters or our own voice.   I heard someone gasp at the our own voice.  Hey, we are writers and we talk to ourselves all the time.  Hmm, or is that just me?

Any howww, a number of years ago I walk into the bedroom of one of my children and said, "I think I've lost a little in the tummy area."  Tummy and chin areas are a problem spot, in case you wanted to know.

This child gives me a quick glance and says, "What ever you think mom."

Who knew that such a bunch of words would burn into my brain?  Words said carelessly as that person was busy doing something else, you know like homework.

So years later I stand in front of the mirror and I will comment to myself, "You look good, or You've lost a few pounds/inches."  The voice turns on and I hear, "What ever you think mom."  I then promptly stomp out of the bathroom in a bad mood.

Ugh!  I have trouble remembering my neighbors name, but yet this I remember!

I tell my internal voice to get lost, but no it continues to TALK and TALK.

Have things stuck in your mind like this?  Just silly, careless things said.  I'm worried the answer could be no.  Then that would mean I'm crazy!

I can hear you clamouring, "YOU already knew that!  Geesh, how many times do you have to be told before you believe?

Okay, okay, I know.  A lot of writers have written on their blogs, that they think writers are not wired the same as the average person.  Could be why, my foot is in my mouth a lot.

MOVING on, what about the voices of our characters we hear in our head?  Usually that is how I come up with my story ideas.  Two new characters start having a dialogue with each other in my head.  Really doesn't everybody?

I being the brilliant person I am will listen in to these voices until the end.  Grab a pen and write down what was said, or as much as I can rememberDamn voices talk to fast I can't keep up when trying to write it down while they are talking.  I find it is hard to get the conversations down if I am driving.

Hmm, another thought has entered my mind reminding me I talk to everything.  Well, I will admit I talk to the computer, the television and ....   Everyone talks to imitated objects all the time.  Right? 

So far we have talked about a loved one voice and characters' voices, let's proceed to our own voice.

Generally, I am always having an internal coversation with myself.  You know like discussing what I did and what I should have done.  Yah, even internally there is a nag.

Or your internal voice is making rude comments while you are listening or looking at someone else.  Lord, if they could read my mind, I would be in deep doo doo.

Admit it!  You do it too!  Make a comment and let me know how your internal voices are working.

See you around the block.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I Forgot!

Yes, you guessed it!  Desert Botanical Garden

Okay, I admit it!  I forgot it was Friday.  I thought it was Saturday.  Having insomnia last night didn't help.  I didn't fall asleep till the sun was over the mountains. 

Note to self, check computer for day before I do anything else.  Like go for a walk, because I thought I didn't have anything to do but edit my Charlie story.  Editing is going so so.  Means not great, but not really bad.  I'm am working on developing my characters more at the moment.

It is beautiful winter day in Arizona.  Slightly chilly, but the sun is shinning brightly.  I don't think I could live where the sun didn't shine a lot.  It would be very depressing.  I am totally a desert lizard.  I am longing for summer, of course I'll probably complain about the heat when it gets here. 

Do you do a lot of research for the books you write?  I do quite a bit and sometimes I am so caught up in the research, I forget why I am there.   Then after hours of reading and bouncing around the internet, I will remember what I was searching for and why I was searching.  

Do you work on one story at a time?  I mainly work on one, but sometimes another story will intrude and I will have to work on it, until the light bulb dies.  If I don't, I hit a road block in the main story I am working on.   But then again my middle name is dizzy according to my family.

I found a few links interesting today, but it could be the brain daze.

Margie Lawson   blog is about using "is".  She had some great examples and now I need to look through my Charlie story to see if I was carried away with "is".  I have a feeling I am probably guilty.

Nina Benneton  I found this blog funny and adorable.  It is about precious gifts from your sons.  If you need a laugh visit this site.

Need a little music?   Fol Chen-In Ruin Instrumental  This will get your feet to tapping.  I haven't figured out how to get the U Tube site with picture of album to show.  I'll keep working at it.  In the mean time this link will take you to it.

Heidi Windmiller  Love the picture of the bedroom.  I wrote on her post my bedroom looks like a reject from the Grapes of Wrath.  She also had the cutest picture of some eggs.  Reminded me of Humpity Dumpity.

I need more coffee so I will end here.

See you around the block.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turn The Temp Down

Desert Botantical Gardens
I know your probably thinking woman enough of the Botanical Gardens and my answer is I have a lot of pictures so pull up your boot straps and hang in there.

Alright I am late getting this blog up, BUT I have a good excuse.   My Charlie book was pulling at me this morning like a naughty lover wanting to have his way with me.  How could I say no?  

Over at Fitbie   they have 15 of  The Laziest Ways to Lose Weight.  I was fine with all of them except for number 15.  I mean really!  Turn the temperature down?  People, there are over weight people in the coldest part of the world.  I've kept my thermostat low this year to keep from having to pay to much.  It hasn't helped me lose weight.  Where do they come up with these weird findings?  Give me a break.

Monica's Blog  is about mothers in Jane Austen's books and that one of her friends said Jane Austen did not like mothers.  So Monica went through some of the stories and could see what her friend meant.  But she also mentioned if this didn't reflect societies thought about women at that time.  I found it interesting and thought provoking.  I hope you enjoy it.

Yah, as you can see I am all over the internet.  I read everything, even the back of cereal boxes, but I do have a hard time following directions when it comes to computers and putting furniture together.  I always have questions and no one to ask.  I have to admit sometimes it is the same in cooking, I always want pictures to go with the step by steps.

I found it interesting today that on Writer's Unbox face book page that the writers said they don't buy books that are advertised on facebook, twitter and etc.  They go by word of mouth.  One author said she didn't read blogs either.  Hmm, maybe I have been working harder on this stuff than I have too.

What do you think about all this?  Do you buy books by recommendation from people you trust?  Or do you buy books advertised on Facebook, Twitter and Etc.  Do you download the free books even if you don't know the author? 

You know I think writers are gamblers at heart.  I mean think about it you throw the dice and you  either win or lose.  You upload an eBook and it either sales (win) or doesn't sale (lose).  Yet we are back at the keyboard typing out another story thinking this time I will win. 

Okay, I also wanted to let you know my two books Second Chance and Fainting Damsel sale ends this coming Monday.  I am putting the price back up.  I figured three months at $.99 was long enough.  You either bought them are you didn't.  
See you around the block.

Second Chance at Smashwords. 

Fainting Damsel at Smashwords 

Monday, January 9, 2012

This is This and That is That

Desert Botanical Gardens

Last night on television I watched a show on the food network about all the food wasted in America.  They said forty to fifty percent of the food grown in the United States is wasted.

The farmers told them if the food had any blemish of any kind, it could not be sold and they threw it on the compost pile or let it rot in the field.

Stores also threw away as much food that consumers would not buy because of blemishes or the shelf date would soon expire.

Bags upon garbage bags of food thrown away and yet America has thousand upon thousand of children going to bed at night hungry.

We need to change our system to were we do not throw this food away.  A system of donating what isn't sold or left in the field is given to organizations that feed our hungry.

Lord, at a time like now when so many people are out of work and prices of food and everything keeps climbing, we need to create an organization to collect the wasted food.

I know you are probably wondering why I don't do it.  Well, lets see (1) I don't have the skills  (2)  I myself am out of work (3) Organizations skills are not my middle name.

It would drive most authors crazy to see how I write my books.  I'm flighty and that is how I work.  I always have more than one WIP.   Geesh, sometimes I get confused.   Oh yeah that's right, I'm dizzy all the time.

Okay, I am off my soap box.  Sorry took a misstep and wounded up on the ground.  Did I ever tell you I am a klutz?  Yeah, I have a hard time not stumbling over my own feet.

Heads up authors Lynn Viehl  has information on her blog about places to send your work.  She tells you what the editors are looking for and the type of pay you receive.  Good Luck!

If you want to learn more about Watson (you know sidekick of Sherlock Holmes) K.B. Owen
has things to tell.  I found this site very insightful (is this a word?). 

Crafty with your computer over at Writer's Unboxed there is a logo contest.  Check it out.  Too bad I am not computer savvy.  But I have a hard time not blowing my computer up.  I drive it crazy by pressing buttons galore.  No wonder it is always crashing.

If you are dying for a paper doll of  The Bloggess here is your chance to have one.  Just click away, print, color, cut out and in a blink of your eyes, you have the Bloggess.  What more could we ask for?

This is all I have for today.

See you around the block.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Not All Cylinders Are Working

Another picture taken at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.  I have some others but I will need to crop because of having people in them I do not know.  Hmm, note to self, don't take pictures with strangers in them.

I am not hitting on all cylinders today and I'm not sure why.  I'm thinking of taking a long walk in my favorite park.  It is a desert oasis in the middle of the city.  While walking along the paths you can forget you are in the city.  My brother enjoys this park when he comes to visit.

I've noticed some techno jargon going on in facebook and most of the time I am going huh.  My youngest son Toney loves to talk techno jargon when he is working on my computer and I have this blank look on my face.

When he is finished, I will ask, "What happens when I hit this button."  Of course I hit the button as I'm asking.

This time Toney's face goes blank and then a slow grin spreads across his face, "Hope you backed up recently."

I smile and feel proud, "I back up all the time.  I have to back out from beneath the car port when I go somewhere."

"Ah, that's not the kind of back up I'm talking about.  It is where you save your files every night.  There are on line places or you can use an external system."

At this point I just look at him and choose to ignore what he is saying.  Really, I'll just make sure each file is also on my lap top.  That should work.

It seems strange they take an ordinary word like back up and turn it into a complicated thing (or what ever you call it).

Now I change subjects.  They tell you to write like you talk and this is how I talk jumping from one thing to another and coming up with a question to their reply on what I first began talking about.  Yah, I know I make you dizzy.  

I have been biting my nails recently as I read some blogs and they tell us we need to create trailers for our books.  Trailers are like mini advertisment you put out on U tube.  Whining  "Do I Have To Do It?"  Talk about being thrilled when one of the writers wrote on his face book page he hadn't seen trailers increase his sale at all. 

I wiped the sweat from my brow and grinned.  I didn't have to learn how to do trailers.  Yah!  Really, I would just rather write.

Now the most interesting blog I have read is:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch     
Had an interesting article on Writers will work cheap.  She gives some links to find magazines that are buying stories.  Sounded good to me and you may want to check out some of the sites.  Look through the comments and you will find more sites.  The Spicy Green Iguana they talk about does not exist any more, so you can skip that one.

See you around the block.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I decided to use pictures my brother and I took at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix a few years ago, instead of letting them sit around doing nothing.  The greenish yellow tall Yucca looking cactus are made of glass.  They are gorgeous!  A diverse selection of glass sculptures were scattered through out the garden.

My brother and I really enjoyed our day there.  You do a lot of walking and see some amazing plants and we also visited the butterfly exhibit.  It was like watching jewels fly through the air.

I enjoy my brother's visits.  He comes down during the cooler weather in Arizona around February and March.  He lives in Wyoming and is used to cold, cold weather.

The last few weeks he has been complaining about the cold weather in Wyoming.  It had been staying below freezing.  Poor guy, I feel sorry for him.  I told him to come on down anytime he needs to feel and see the sunshine and warmer weather.

It is strange seeing us together in Arizona during February and March.  I am wearing a sweater and he is running around in a tee shirt and shorts.  He thinks it hot and I think it is a little cold.

I miss my brother and I hope he plans to visit soon.  We not only look alike, but we like doing the same things.  One of the differences we have is I love the Phoenix Zoo and he refuses to go.  He says he hates seeing animals in captivity.   I keep telling him they have designed the areas where the animals are like their natural habitat.  Hopefully one day, I can talk him into visiting our zoo.

My youngest son Toney gave me another old lap top of his to replace the old lap top I was having trouble with.  Only problem I can't get it to connect to my wireless and it doesn't have a place for me to put the card in.  Hmm, will have to have the next kid that comes by figure it out for me.  I am not a computer geek and usually when I do something it is the wrong thing and it all goes to hell in a hand basket.  So I'll wait.

I am still working on my Charlie story and hope to have it out soon.  My story Second Chance had more downloads at Smashwords, but some of the downloads were samples.  Hopefully the reader will come back to buy the full e copy.  My e books don't seem to be doing that great on Amazon and I'm not sure why.  Oh well, I will just keep writing and sees what happens. 

Second Chance 

Fainting Damsel

“Where are the keys to your car?”  Sheriff James decided a question out of the blue would help this woman hold it together.

Claire looked at him with a frown between her eyes and then she reached into the pockets of her jacket.  A look of complete confusion crossed her face and her eyes widened in surprise.  “I don’t know, but I remember dropping them and my cell phone in my jacket pocket before I left the car.  What happened to them?”

“That’s okay, we will find them.  They may have fallen out of your pocket.”  Sheriff James wondered if the woman was a scatter brain or if she was telling the truth.  If she was telling the truth, he needed to find out who else was in this house when she arrived. “When did you decide to come into the house?”

“I remember jerking awake from my nap and expecting to see Nellie.  I slipped the keys and my cell phone into my jacket pocket and walked up to the front door.  I rang the doorbell and knocked.  When no one answered, I walked back to the brick Nellie always left a key under.

My books can also be bought at Amazon, B&N and at Apple.
Happy Reading!
See you around the block.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Blog Reading Anyone?

Well hello everyone!

Took time out this morning to watch the Rose Bowl Parade.  I love see all the beautiful floats and horses.  The colors are so cheerful and beautiful on the floats and etc.  I can never pick a favorite float, because they are all so beautiful and each speaks to me differently.  Did you have a favorite float this year?

Did you make a New Year resolution?  Have you broken it already?   I have already broken two of mine and this is only the second day of January.  Lord have mercy on my weak will power.

Joan Reeves talks about making over your blog for the New Year.  She has a lot of different links.  I plan to go back in and see if one tells me how to have the cover of my books show all the time.  I am not a computer guru.

S B Sarah  has a blog on where to find the hymen.  All I can say is Duh!  I didn't know it had become lost.  She seemed a little steamed over this.  Must have read a book with it in the wrong place.

Lynn Viehl  Wow, the blogs seem full of things to help your computer time to become easier.  I'll have to check out the calendar thing since I keep forgetting to get a calendar for this year.  But then again I never wrote it on my shopping lists.

Leigh Ann Kopans  This woman is amazing when you read all she had accomplished last year.  I was worn out just reading it and wondering how she kept going.  She must be the energizing bunny.

Marilyn Meredith  Interesting blog about grammer.  I plan to save it, because my grammar can drive a strong person to drink, I've been told.  Hmm, are they using me as an excuse to drink? 

Ben Small  More techno stuff to learn.  As I read this I wondered do I really need to know how to create a trailer and etc. for my book.  Glory be I have trouble with the simple things on the computer.  Nothing ever does what I really expect it to do and sometimes I screaming NO as it does more than I want.  I really don't want to have to do the trailer stuff.

The Bloggess  This woman is funny!  She makes my day brighter each time I read her blog and she has hundreds of followers.  Which makes me wonder, do we follow her because she is just as crazy as the rest of us and doesn't really care who knows she is crazy?  Verrry long sentence.  I could be driving someone to drink.

Jungle Red Writers  I found this blog funny.  It had me grinning ear to ear.  It's about what it is like being married to a mystery writer.  Love it!

That's it for great blog sites.  On Wednesday I will be advertising my books again.  I was planning to do it now, but decided my blog was long enough to put anyone to sleep.

See you around the block.