Monday, January 23, 2012



First a quiz!  What does DBG stand for?  Come on you know.  You have seen it enough times already.  So make a guess.

Okay, enough playing around.  I have been reading the blogs of other writers and realized we seem to all being going through depression.  Is it the season? 

But there I hesitate to say that, because I live in the sunny part of Arizona and our winters are not winters in other places. 

We have many days with sunshine and very very comfortable temperatures.  It is rare for a cloudy day and when we have one you would think it was a gift from the heavens. 

Or could it be, that because we are writers we spend a lot of time a lone and really we are just very lonely people?

Then again are we writers because we are depression prone people?

I don't know the answers to the questions, but it seems something we all have in common.

I also have enjoyed knowing I am not the only one with voices in my head.  I mean really, doesn't everyone have a conversation going on in their head and they really aren't part of the discussion?

Once again we have something in common.  We people our world with imaginary friends.  Our parents probably hoped we would grow out of this.  Did they get a shock when we didn't?

We talk about our characters as if they are real.  As if they had feelings, desires and issues like the rest of us.

Geesh, we even know how they smell and smell leads me to another thing.

Where are all these writers getting the pictures of hunks to put on their blogs?  Yah, I know your wondering how smell lead to this.  Will, I'm not telling, it just happened.

Hmmmmmmm, oh I'm sorry, I just put hunk in the search box and became side tracked with what came up.   Lord have mercy, I think I just died and went to heaven, hunky heaven.  Yes, I will have to mark this page as FAVORITE.

My, My , My, some are a little, shall we say RISQUE!  

It is so hard to choose which one to show you!  I'll just close my eyes and touch the picture I will share.  Are you ready??

Dang!  I need to have my finger checked out.  I have to admit this is really good candy.  Hmm, I need to go the the store, but I will make sure I drive by a gym that has a big glass front.

See you around the block.

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