Monday, January 9, 2012

This is This and That is That

Desert Botanical Gardens

Last night on television I watched a show on the food network about all the food wasted in America.  They said forty to fifty percent of the food grown in the United States is wasted.

The farmers told them if the food had any blemish of any kind, it could not be sold and they threw it on the compost pile or let it rot in the field.

Stores also threw away as much food that consumers would not buy because of blemishes or the shelf date would soon expire.

Bags upon garbage bags of food thrown away and yet America has thousand upon thousand of children going to bed at night hungry.

We need to change our system to were we do not throw this food away.  A system of donating what isn't sold or left in the field is given to organizations that feed our hungry.

Lord, at a time like now when so many people are out of work and prices of food and everything keeps climbing, we need to create an organization to collect the wasted food.

I know you are probably wondering why I don't do it.  Well, lets see (1) I don't have the skills  (2)  I myself am out of work (3) Organizations skills are not my middle name.

It would drive most authors crazy to see how I write my books.  I'm flighty and that is how I work.  I always have more than one WIP.   Geesh, sometimes I get confused.   Oh yeah that's right, I'm dizzy all the time.

Okay, I am off my soap box.  Sorry took a misstep and wounded up on the ground.  Did I ever tell you I am a klutz?  Yeah, I have a hard time not stumbling over my own feet.

Heads up authors Lynn Viehl  has information on her blog about places to send your work.  She tells you what the editors are looking for and the type of pay you receive.  Good Luck!

If you want to learn more about Watson (you know sidekick of Sherlock Holmes) K.B. Owen
has things to tell.  I found this site very insightful (is this a word?). 

Crafty with your computer over at Writer's Unboxed there is a logo contest.  Check it out.  Too bad I am not computer savvy.  But I have a hard time not blowing my computer up.  I drive it crazy by pressing buttons galore.  No wonder it is always crashing.

If you are dying for a paper doll of  The Bloggess here is your chance to have one.  Just click away, print, color, cut out and in a blink of your eyes, you have the Bloggess.  What more could we ask for?

This is all I have for today.

See you around the block.

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