Friday, January 20, 2012

The Mind is a Mysterious Thing!

Princess Daisy and her Court

Geesh, I bet your saying, that is just another picture of the Desert Botanical Garden.  But I bet the caption caught your attention.

I don't know about you but I keep having to add slang words to my dictionary.  The word geesh, drove it crazy.   When Microsoft is updating it's hardware, they should up date their dictionary.  

Finished my editing on Charlie and I am having two of my readers read it.  I want to make sure it grabs the attention and doesn't let go.

I was working on a sequel to Charlie, but another story has taken over.  So I guess I will work on it instead.  Really, I would get more done if new characters wouldn't take over. 

Do you have this problem?  Can you work on one book at a time or do you work on more than one?

The new story that is pledging me  doesn't have a name yet.  But it is a mystery where the murder doesn't turn out to be murder.  Something else happens.  I haven't worked out all the details yet.  Usually by this time I have more than one title circling around in my head, but this one there is still a blank.  Hmm, I may have to call it by one of the characters name until I come up with a title to keep it straight in my head.  Sometimes I change the title of my stories a number of times before I settle on one and other times the first title I thought of is the one I use.  Such as my title "Second Chance", I called it by that title since the day of conception.
The mind is a mysterious thing.  I can hear my kids laughing and hooting at this moment.  They think my mind is more mysterious then most.  Be nice kids, or I will take you out of the will.  

That sent them rolling on the floor as they cried, "What would I leave them?  A 1999 Saturn?"
I love my Saturn and it gets great gas mileage.
I have been thinking about what kind of day job I need to apply for.  I don't want to go back into teaching.  I am really burned out from that.  Just thinking about it I start sweating and my heart pounds.  I am worried about the balance in my savings account getting lower and lower.  So far I haven't sold enough books to pay for the copy write, but I keep thinking I have a reader out there somewhere who will spread the word my books are good.  One day I am optimistic and the next day pessimistic.  

Any way I hate being down in the dumps so I will share with you a site on Smart Bitches.  The ending of the video is so funny and to think if that new law goes into place we would not get to share moments like this. 

It's all about writing naked.  Caught your attention?  Read it and find out.

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