Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turn The Temp Down

Desert Botantical Gardens
I know your probably thinking woman enough of the Botanical Gardens and my answer is I have a lot of pictures so pull up your boot straps and hang in there.

Alright I am late getting this blog up, BUT I have a good excuse.   My Charlie book was pulling at me this morning like a naughty lover wanting to have his way with me.  How could I say no?  

Over at Fitbie   they have 15 of  The Laziest Ways to Lose Weight.  I was fine with all of them except for number 15.  I mean really!  Turn the temperature down?  People, there are over weight people in the coldest part of the world.  I've kept my thermostat low this year to keep from having to pay to much.  It hasn't helped me lose weight.  Where do they come up with these weird findings?  Give me a break.

Monica's Blog  is about mothers in Jane Austen's books and that one of her friends said Jane Austen did not like mothers.  So Monica went through some of the stories and could see what her friend meant.  But she also mentioned if this didn't reflect societies thought about women at that time.  I found it interesting and thought provoking.  I hope you enjoy it.

Yah, as you can see I am all over the internet.  I read everything, even the back of cereal boxes, but I do have a hard time following directions when it comes to computers and putting furniture together.  I always have questions and no one to ask.  I have to admit sometimes it is the same in cooking, I always want pictures to go with the step by steps.

I found it interesting today that on Writer's Unbox face book page that the writers said they don't buy books that are advertised on facebook, twitter and etc.  They go by word of mouth.  One author said she didn't read blogs either.  Hmm, maybe I have been working harder on this stuff than I have too.

What do you think about all this?  Do you buy books by recommendation from people you trust?  Or do you buy books advertised on Facebook, Twitter and Etc.  Do you download the free books even if you don't know the author? 

You know I think writers are gamblers at heart.  I mean think about it you throw the dice and you  either win or lose.  You upload an eBook and it either sales (win) or doesn't sale (lose).  Yet we are back at the keyboard typing out another story thinking this time I will win. 

Okay, I also wanted to let you know my two books Second Chance and Fainting Damsel sale ends this coming Monday.  I am putting the price back up.  I figured three months at $.99 was long enough.  You either bought them are you didn't.  
See you around the block.

Second Chance at Smashwords. 

Fainting Damsel at Smashwords 


  1. I generally don't buy books unless they are recommended to me--part of it is that there are just so many books, and I only have a limited about of time; so to narrow it down to my 40ish books per year, I can't just read anything and everything. I wish I had the time to read more!

  2. That seems to be the reality of writing. It doesn't matter how much you advertise, it is that one person who reads your book and tell their friends how much they enjoyed it. The domino effect is what I would compare it to. It makes a lot of sense.