Monday, January 30, 2012

Exciting Weekend

Strange Looking Tree

Good Monday morning to everyone.  How was your weekend?  Mine was great, on Saturday I read a book.  Yeah! 

Sunday, my son Wayne and my grand kids Gracie and Grant took me out to lunch.  We ate at Logan's which is a steak house.  They had homemade rolls to die for.  The dessert we ordered was delivered in tiny tin buckets with the name Logan on the side.   After you eat the dessert, you pull the plastic out and take the bucket home.  Unfortunately I left mine in Wayne's pick up.  Darn!

Then after lunch we went over to the Big Bass Pro Shop.  I love going in there to look at the stuffed animals and to watch the fish.  They have some really big fish in their tanks.

There was one big fish, a cat fish who was a bully.  He would go around pushing the other fish out of the way or dive under them to bump them.  Another big cat fish didn't like it and there was a small fight for a little bit.  I never realized that fish acted like children. 

They have quite a few different types of fish in the tank.  The only one I recognize was the cat fish.  Who could miss a fish with whiskers?  Some had very pretty designs on their sides and coloration.  The cat fish didn't look scaly, which was strange.  He looked like he had soft gray fur.  Never having felt a cat fish, I couldn't tell you if this was true.  Also the cat fish were fat and that is the best way I can describe them.  There were a couple of smaller cat fish and they were black.  I don't know if their color changes when they get bigger or if they are a different breed of cat fish.  I noticed they stayed on the bottom out of the way of the bully. 

A couple of the fish had lips that looked like human lips and the would come toward the glass wall with pucker lips.  I told Gracie they wanted to give her a kiss.

Another fish came to the glass wall opening and closing his mouth.  I told Grant they wanted to bite his fingers.

Of course both grand kids gave me strange looks and grinned at me.

We were lucky enough to be in time to watch them feed the fish. 

 They threw out some large chunks of fish food.  Not all the fish seemed interested in these.  They threw out a large size of fish food and some of the fish who hadn't been interested in the first, ate some of this.  Then they dropped some worms in the tank.  Lord, all those fish loves worms.  One smallish fish flashed across the tank to eat a worm before the bigger fish could even open his mouth to grab the worm.  Then for the finale, they threw in some small fish.  Once again all the fish was interested in this food.  The small fish would hide in the rocks and under some drift wood.  The bully cat fish just barreled through the drift wood to get his snack.  It was really an interesting sight to see.   

Then I followed my son around while he shopped. 

I have a new picture of a hunk for you:

A Hunk of Wood

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