Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Short but Sweet

Don't Ask, I Don't Know!

This will short and sweet today. 

A am in the middle of editing my Charlie book once again!

I would like to be able to upload it before the week is over.

Even though I have gone through this book a dozen times I am still finding typos and of course now I am searching out words I have used way too much.

Also if I used than when I should have used then or as even though I wasn't comparing something.  Also I have the tendency to use was a lot.  All the writers out there know what I mean.  It is hard work getting the grammar correct.

So instead of reading my ramblings I am putting a link in from Tonya Serra, a face book friend to a small movie.  It is adorable and all about books.

You will enjoy it I promise.

See you around the block.

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