Monday, February 13, 2012

Let's Talk Grammy Awards

Nature in all it's glory!

I am having all sort of trouble with my blogs today.  They refuse to cooperate.  Dumb blog or is it dumb user?

Did you watch the Grammy Awards last night?

It was fantastic!  I loved a lot of the music they played.

I also was able to see what the singer looked like, whose music I am listening to on the radio.

I was totally happen to see the young men dressed like well put together men.  I mean really how long were they going to wear pants with the crotch down between their knees?  Every time I saw them like that, I thought of a baby with a dirty diaper on.  Flash back to cloth diapers.

A lot of the young men dressed like they did in the 50's and 60's.   I know  I'm old, but I did fine it very nice.

I love Bruno Mars Gernade song.  I have heard it a lot on the radio.  I enjoyed his performance on the Grammy Awards. 

I own three or more Coldplay CDs and I have never seen them before.  I know I must live in a cave.  I just haven't paid that much attention.

I enjoyed the Foo Fighters (what a name) singing and I also agreed with what their lead singer said about musician learning to do their craft and sing without all the electronic help.

But sadly there were parts I did not enjoy.  I'm sorry but people do get to old to sing.  Their voices are strained, thin and a tiny bit off key off and on.

Don't get me wrong I adore the Beach Boys and Paul McCartney, but I found it painful to hear them.

Paul is such a great song writer and I think he needs to let the younger singers sing his songs from now on.

I was tickled to death when the young men who had sung the Beach Boys intro, joined the Beach Boys to sing with them.  It sounded so much better. 

I didn't catch the names of the two groups that sung the Beach Boys songs, but man they did a fantastic job.  I thought they sounded like the Beach Boys of long ago.

Glen Campbell, what can I say?  The voice isn't there any more and you need to let go of the reins.

Then there is Tony Bennet, who has continued to release CDs.  His voice has been gone for a long time and if it wasn't for doing duets he wouldn't still be out there.

I know, you are gnashing your teeth, thinking how dare you!   What did you think of the Grammy Awards?

Anyway these are my thoughts and feelings.  This is my blog and I can say what I want too.

I love Taylor Swift and her performance.  I enjoy seeing a young lady dress like a lady and that includes Adele also.

I am so glad Adele's surgery did not harm her voice. 

The strangest performance and song was Nicki Minaj "Roman Holiday".   Yeah I kept thinking okay as I watched it.  I wasn't crazy about it at all.

Jennifer Hudson did a fantastic job singing Whitney Housten's song.

We all have our own demons inside us and this time Whitney lost the battle. 

Of course I had to miss Downton Abby to watch the Grammy Awards.  I will have to catch up with it next week.

I will be uploading my new e book this week to Smashwords and Amazon.  Please drop by them and buy my book "Charlie".

See you around the block.

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