Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sometimes Lessons are Painful!

There is a butterfly in this picture.  Can you find it?

I have always refused to watch scary movies since I was about three years old. 

 My children would beg to see a scary movie and I would veto it big time. 

I have been called afraidy cat most of my life and I figure the name is worth it.  I don't have to experience the feeling of terror.

 Mama and grandma were attending evening service at church and being the urchin I could be, I insisted I would stay home with grandpa.  Grandpa never went to church, since he had lost both of his legs to diabetes.

I innocently insisted we stay on a certain channel.  I don't remember why or what had caught my attention. 

Grandpa tried to get me to change my mind, but like a fool I didn't.  So he told me I would have to watch the movie.  I could not leave the room or cover my eyes.

Knowing me I gave him a smile of victory and agreed. 

Lord have mercy, it turned out to be a frightening movie, about some campers in the woods and a monster who ate moss off the trees.  That is all I remember from the movie except for the fear and revulsion I had felt.  All scary things give me these same feelings.  So I try not to do anything scary.

The movie was still on when mama and grandma returned and I begged mama to let me leave the room. 

Grandpa told her what had happened and mama sided with grandpa.  I had to finish watching that movie.

Afterwards grandpa was very smug and told mama her little girl wouldn't be throwing fits any more to do something.  He knew I had learned my lesson.

He was right, from that night on I did not insist on having my way.  But did the outcome out weigh the terror I had experience from this movie? 

The spoiled child had become a very easy going child.  Who hid all that she was thinking and feeling from the people around her. 

The only problem is I have fears of spending the night in the woods even though I am grown up and have grandchildren.  This made it hard to go camping with my own family.  Without sleep and living on raw nerves, emotions,  I became a very cranky person.  The only time I would fall asleep camping is when exhaustion would catch up with me.

I wonder how many people still use fear of the unkown to handle their children?

Did experiencing this cause me to have a very vivid imagingation?

We'll talk about the good and the bad of having a very vivid imagination next time.

See you around the block.

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