Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can't You See, I'm Working?

Pretty Roses!

Okay, today this blog has decided it wants to be centered and no matter what I do, it will not change.  Ugh!!!
Taking a deep breath, I will move on.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day.   My son Wayne brought a card over to me.  It is cute and sentimental.

He can now tell his siblings, he back in the well!!!

I am working on trying to create a blurb for my new book.

I have three options so far, but I'm not sure which one to use.  I REALLY want one that will make people want to read my book.

I've posted them on face book, but I think I will post them here also,  SINCE no one has responded yet!

Number 1:

High school science teacher Wendy was looking forward to a quiet summer.

Then Charlie a talking parrot saunters into her kitchen crying murder.

The daunting task of finding Charlie’s old home and his murdered owner is not the only obstacle she faces.  She has to convince the police Charlie is telling the truth, his owner has been murdered and convince her ex-boyfriend it is over.

Wendy thinks her summer can’t get any worse when in walks the detective handling the case.  None other than Tony Brandon, the one man on earth she had never hoped to run into again.  He and his elite group of friends had made her life hell in high school.

Could the summer get any stranger Wendy wonders, as she fights the attraction she feels for the detective?

Number 2:

Charlie, watched helplessly as his owner was beaten to death by her lover.  He realizes his own life is in jeopardy.  Charlie flies away searching for someone who will help him to stop this mad man before it is too late.

Charlie saunters into a young woman’s kitchen crying murder and with her help the police become involved.  Charlie knows who the murderer is, but he can’t make Wendy or the police understand what he is telling them.

He knows Wendy could be the next victim of this murderer and he is determined to keep this woman safe.

Number 3:

Could life become more complicated?  Wendy was finding out the hard way it could.  First a parrot by the name of Charlie walked into her life yelling murder.  Her ex-boyfriend is making threatening phone calls and then Detective Brandon who is checking out the murder of Charlie’s owner is the bully who had made Wendy’s life hell in high school.  Fate was laughing its butt off.

There they are, which one should I choose. 

Please choose wisely!!!!

See you around the block.

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