Friday, February 10, 2012

Vivid Imagination

I wish this was my garden.

As promised we will be talking about vivid imagination today. 

The good and the bad  of having a vivid imagination.

The good of having a vivid imagination: You can come up with stories like crazy.  They play in your mind like a movie.

I could write a lot more if I had the new Dragon program.  It is the one where you are talking and it is writing down what you are saying.  I mean let me get busy with something else, like sweeping the floors and a story runs through my mind.

I pretty much have a movie (story) running through my mind constantly.  A sound, a smell, just about anything will start it.  I think this is one reason I get lost a lot.  I am paying attention to the movie in my head and not looking for the street I need.  

Really I have arrived at the place I want to be and wonder how I got there.  I feel like doing the victory dance, I'm so pleased with myself I arrived where I was suppose to be.  Ha!

Alright, back to vivid imagination the good.  Because of a vivid imagination wonders have been created in books, arts, technologies and etc. 

I wonder how many of these things came to the person in a dream?

The bad of a vivid imagination means we can scare ourselves pant less.

We hear a noise and suddenly pictures of monsters, snakes and etc are in your home.

I mentioned snakes because as a kid I dreamed snakes surrounded my bed.  I woke up and was dying to pee, but knew if I got out of bed, I would be bitten.  Talk about a dilemma for a kid.  Really think about it.  I had to figure out what I would rather face, a mom mad because I wet the bed or a bunch of biting snakes.  I chose the snakes and leaped from my bed as far as I could, hoping to jump over them.  Of course the snakes didn't exist and yet I shivered when I came back into my room and leaped on the bed.  I knew they weren't there but I wasn't taking any chances.  I finally shivered myself back to sleep. 

Talk about nightmares!  We have sleepless nights because a nightmare woke us up and we can't get back to sleep.

We try to reason our selves out of the terror, but nothing works.

A strange sound wakes us up at night and we do the one thing we tell the people in movies not to do, we search out for the sound.  "Don't open the door!"  Expecting any minute to be grabbed or bitten.  You name it we expect it.

We see a shadow against the window and suddenly we know someone is trying to break in.  Terror grips us and we weakly lean back against the wall trying to figure out what to do.   Suddenly we realize it is the shadow of our desk chair against the window and sigh loudly. 

No one is out there.  Still we are up and decide a cup of tea is called for.  We need time to get our imagination under control.

So as you can see there is a good side and bad side of having a vivid imagination.

Do you suffer from a vivid imagination?  Drop a line and let me know.

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