Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I decided to use pictures my brother and I took at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix a few years ago, instead of letting them sit around doing nothing.  The greenish yellow tall Yucca looking cactus are made of glass.  They are gorgeous!  A diverse selection of glass sculptures were scattered through out the garden.

My brother and I really enjoyed our day there.  You do a lot of walking and see some amazing plants and we also visited the butterfly exhibit.  It was like watching jewels fly through the air.

I enjoy my brother's visits.  He comes down during the cooler weather in Arizona around February and March.  He lives in Wyoming and is used to cold, cold weather.

The last few weeks he has been complaining about the cold weather in Wyoming.  It had been staying below freezing.  Poor guy, I feel sorry for him.  I told him to come on down anytime he needs to feel and see the sunshine and warmer weather.

It is strange seeing us together in Arizona during February and March.  I am wearing a sweater and he is running around in a tee shirt and shorts.  He thinks it hot and I think it is a little cold.

I miss my brother and I hope he plans to visit soon.  We not only look alike, but we like doing the same things.  One of the differences we have is I love the Phoenix Zoo and he refuses to go.  He says he hates seeing animals in captivity.   I keep telling him they have designed the areas where the animals are like their natural habitat.  Hopefully one day, I can talk him into visiting our zoo.

My youngest son Toney gave me another old lap top of his to replace the old lap top I was having trouble with.  Only problem I can't get it to connect to my wireless and it doesn't have a place for me to put the card in.  Hmm, will have to have the next kid that comes by figure it out for me.  I am not a computer geek and usually when I do something it is the wrong thing and it all goes to hell in a hand basket.  So I'll wait.

I am still working on my Charlie story and hope to have it out soon.  My story Second Chance had more downloads at Smashwords, but some of the downloads were samples.  Hopefully the reader will come back to buy the full e copy.  My e books don't seem to be doing that great on Amazon and I'm not sure why.  Oh well, I will just keep writing and sees what happens. 

Second Chance 

Fainting Damsel

“Where are the keys to your car?”  Sheriff James decided a question out of the blue would help this woman hold it together.

Claire looked at him with a frown between her eyes and then she reached into the pockets of her jacket.  A look of complete confusion crossed her face and her eyes widened in surprise.  “I don’t know, but I remember dropping them and my cell phone in my jacket pocket before I left the car.  What happened to them?”

“That’s okay, we will find them.  They may have fallen out of your pocket.”  Sheriff James wondered if the woman was a scatter brain or if she was telling the truth.  If she was telling the truth, he needed to find out who else was in this house when she arrived. “When did you decide to come into the house?”

“I remember jerking awake from my nap and expecting to see Nellie.  I slipped the keys and my cell phone into my jacket pocket and walked up to the front door.  I rang the doorbell and knocked.  When no one answered, I walked back to the brick Nellie always left a key under.

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