Monday, January 2, 2012

Blog Reading Anyone?

Well hello everyone!

Took time out this morning to watch the Rose Bowl Parade.  I love see all the beautiful floats and horses.  The colors are so cheerful and beautiful on the floats and etc.  I can never pick a favorite float, because they are all so beautiful and each speaks to me differently.  Did you have a favorite float this year?

Did you make a New Year resolution?  Have you broken it already?   I have already broken two of mine and this is only the second day of January.  Lord have mercy on my weak will power.

Joan Reeves talks about making over your blog for the New Year.  She has a lot of different links.  I plan to go back in and see if one tells me how to have the cover of my books show all the time.  I am not a computer guru.

S B Sarah  has a blog on where to find the hymen.  All I can say is Duh!  I didn't know it had become lost.  She seemed a little steamed over this.  Must have read a book with it in the wrong place.

Lynn Viehl  Wow, the blogs seem full of things to help your computer time to become easier.  I'll have to check out the calendar thing since I keep forgetting to get a calendar for this year.  But then again I never wrote it on my shopping lists.

Leigh Ann Kopans  This woman is amazing when you read all she had accomplished last year.  I was worn out just reading it and wondering how she kept going.  She must be the energizing bunny.

Marilyn Meredith  Interesting blog about grammer.  I plan to save it, because my grammar can drive a strong person to drink, I've been told.  Hmm, are they using me as an excuse to drink? 

Ben Small  More techno stuff to learn.  As I read this I wondered do I really need to know how to create a trailer and etc. for my book.  Glory be I have trouble with the simple things on the computer.  Nothing ever does what I really expect it to do and sometimes I screaming NO as it does more than I want.  I really don't want to have to do the trailer stuff.

The Bloggess  This woman is funny!  She makes my day brighter each time I read her blog and she has hundreds of followers.  Which makes me wonder, do we follow her because she is just as crazy as the rest of us and doesn't really care who knows she is crazy?  Verrry long sentence.  I could be driving someone to drink.

Jungle Red Writers  I found this blog funny.  It had me grinning ear to ear.  It's about what it is like being married to a mystery writer.  Love it!

That's it for great blog sites.  On Wednesday I will be advertising my books again.  I was planning to do it now, but decided my blog was long enough to put anyone to sleep.

See you around the block.

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