Friday, December 30, 2011

Is It 2012 Yet?

Hello Bloggers, I am back!

Had a wonderful Christmas with my son Jesse and his wife Tina.  We spent Christmas in Santa Rosa and there was snow all around.  I had planned to take pictures, but with a brain like a sieve, I forgot the camera was in the bottom of my suitcase.  So no pictures, Sorry.

From the day I arrived to the day I left I was offered fantastic food and of course I over ate.  Oh Lord, did I over eat!  But it was so good!

I loved when they would tell me it was such a nice day outside and it was in the twenties.  This Az. lizard looked at them as if they were crazy.  But I have to admit it was very pretty with the sun making the snow sparkle as if it had glitter on it.  I don't think I have ever noticed that before, of course I haven't seen that much snow to really notice what it looked like with the sun shining on it.

Seeing the glittery snow reminded me of the "White Christmas" performance on stage I had seen with my son John.  They had glittery snow falling on the stage and I thought they had done it that way so the audience could see the snow.  Now I know snow glitters when the sun shines on it.

Jesse, Tina and I also saw a movie while we were together.  We watched Mission Impossible 4.  I loved that movie.  It had a lot of action and yet it had humor also.  My emotions swung from joy to sadness in this movie.  It was a fantastic movie. 

My daughter in law Tina made fun of me afterwards because I really get involve in the movies I am watching.  Murmuring  "Oh, Nos" and moving around in my seat as I tried to help the actors with my own actions.  Jumping when something scared me.  What can I say, I enjoy movies totally.

I have been thinking about my New Year's resolution and I haven't settled on any yet. 

What are your New Year resolution?

I'm kicking around about writing a certain amount of words each day.

Exercising for thirty minutes every day.

Calling my kids.  The problem is, I am not a phone person.

Which is really weird, since I had a job for three years using the phone.  This worked because there wasn't any personal connection.  It was all business.

When I'm talking on the phone to my family, my brain goes dead and there is a lot of silence.  Now let me write a letter and it turns into a lot of pages. 

Then there is the not wanting to bother the kids.   What time of day is the best time to call?  What day is best?  Should I drop by to visit with you in person and when should I do this?

This feeling probably came from my parents who did not like to be bothered with calls from me or unexpected visits.  So as a result I very rarely call or just drop by to visit with them.  When they wanted to hear what was going on, they called me, but not very often.

 My kids are always on my mind, as I wonder how they are doing, and what they are doing.  But I just never think of calling to find out. 

My daughter in law Tina says I need to start calling my kids.  She says they don't think they are loved, because I don't call them.

Strange, I just took it for granted they knew I loved them with all my heart.  I think maybe we need to work on our communication.

My daughter calls me when she needs to hear my voice and my son Jesse calls me also.  Neither of these two have ever said they wished I would make the calls.  (Communication problem again?) It is very very rare when I call them.  I mean they have busy lives and I don't want to interfere. 

Do you call your kids and parents?  How often do you call them, once a week, once a month?

So some of my kids think I am terrible because I only call when I am in desperate need of their help.  Hmmm, maybe I need to make it a very strong resolution to call them daily, weekly or monthly.  I will have to think about it some more.  I really don't want to be a bother.

I really need a book with rules and guidelines on how to communicate with my boys and their wives.  I feel like a fish floundering in a basket waiting to be eaten.

I need a sign saying "Give Me A Break, I Was Raised By Crazy, Strange People!"  Learning how to talk, communicate and socialize with people was not included in the lessons they taught.  It's a wonder I am as sane as I am.  I wonder do crazy people know they are crazy? 

I can definitely thank my parents for the reason why I like to write stories.

 I can fill my world with people who can not judge me and find me wanting.

Do you ever get the feeling life is filled with more questions than answers?

 Now all I need to do is to find some readers out there to buy my ebooks and read them.  Even though I haven't made enough with two ebooks to cover the cost of the copywrites, I plan to up load more ebooks in 2012 in hopes of finding my audience.

Sooo, how is it going for you?  Drop a line and let me know.

See you around the block.

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