Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to Every One!

Will Christmas is almost here. 

My daughter in law Tina called me yesterday to tell me to bring warm clothing. 

She said it was very cold and snow was every where.  They were hit by that big blizzard in the plains.

 I laughed and said I would bring what warm clothes I had, but I have a feeling they wouldn't be considered warm clothes in her area.

 I live in Phoenix and what we think is warm clothing is not when you are in a really cold place.

I remember I was out there for Easter one year and it snowed.  I was asked why I didn't wear my winter clothes.

I grabbed hold of the front of my sweat shirt, "This is my winter clothes!"

They laughed, shook their heads.  I think they think I am crazy.  Maybeeeeee.

This will be my last blog until after Christmas.  I have a problem of not remembering my own URLs, passwords and etc.  So since my lap top is on the fritz, I doubt I will be able to use any one elses computer. 

See you around the block.

Maggie Barbieri  has a wonderful Christmas tale on her blog.  Check it out!  You will come away with a smile on your face.

Joan Reeves had Dyanne Davis over for a cup of coffee.  Dyanne talked about having critique done on your work.  It was interesting and brought up some good points.

Lynn Viehl had me biting my fingernails this morning.  She was having horrible eye pain.  Check out her blog and find out what happened.

Nancy Martin has the funniest post up today.  I laughed my head off at the beer cooler.  You have to read this.

Second Chance  at Amazon.

Fainting Damsel  at Amazon.

Second Chance at Smashwords.

Fainting Damsel  At Smashwords.

Both books can be found at Barnes & Noble

Also at Apple, but I haven't figured out the URL yet.

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