Friday, December 16, 2011

Learning, Reading and Writing

Okay, I am running a little behind, but the dog ate my blog.  Just kidding, I had things I had to do and you know how life likes to throws monkeys at you?   I mean monkey wrenches in the works.

I love the Elf picture I found to share with you.  Don't worry it was free clip art, able to be used by anyone.

When I started this writing gig, I didn't realize what all I would have to do.  I mean I have to twitter, do face book and blog, plus read other authors blogs, plus just read and learn.  Of course I had to take time out to watch my favorite Christmas movies.  Holiday Inn, White Christmas and Miracle on 34th St. ( the old black and white, and also the newer version)  Then I had to watch the different Scooge movies they show on television.  This is tradition you know and I have to keep up my end.

I am learning more every day about social media. 

Now to get down to some business:

Kristen Lamb  her blog today was "Aspiring is for Pansies -Tough Love and Being a Writer"
She really covered the issues in being a writer.  All of the points she made hit home.  Especially don't expect family to gush about your writing.  I had to twist some arms to get some of my kids to read my books, while others rushed to do it, and some still have not read them.  There may have to be more pressure put on them.  Just kidding, well maybe a little pressure. 

Since becoming a writer, I have never been so busy reading, blogging, making comments on blogs, face book and twitter.    My readers are out there and they need to be able to find me.

I must admit my sister in law Connie has been the best cheerleader for my writing.  She is the one asking do I have something for her to read and in my Christmas card she told me  and I quote, "I know your writing will take off once your readers get a taste of your style!"   Yes, she did say that and I walked around on cloud 9 all day.

I also have found new blogs to read from twitter and face book.  It's like one yellow brick leads you down the road to another and some day I will make it to Oz.  My favorite color is green, so I should fit right in.

Writing is a job and I am here for the long haul and remember I am only human and sometimes my blog will go up a little late.  But they say better late than never.

Michael Hyatt   I signed up for the Buffer he talked about and now have things to be added automatically to face book and twitter.

Rachel Aaron   She tells you how she increased her 2000 words a day to 10,000 words a day.  A woman after my own heart.  I will be trying to implement some of her ideas.  I found this blog thanks to Molly Cox Bryan on face book.

Elaine Viets  This was sooo funny.  I laughed until I cried.  If you want a little knowledge about olive oil and Balsamic vinegar this is the spot.

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  1. Wow...10k/day. That's so not for me. But congrats to whoever can do that--I'm sure they'll write a lot more novels than me!