Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This and That

Moving slow and thinking slow to day.  It's one of those days I am asking the walls what will I write about.  The walls never talk unfortunately.  They are no help at all.

So, since I couldn't come up with something I decided to blog hop and see what is going on.  I found some great blogs I thought I would share with you.

Kristine Kathry Rusch      This is a fantastic and interesting site.  Kristine Kathryn Rusch has a lot to offer.  She has featured section which is my favorite.  It consists of stories and very interesting stories.  Every Monday there is a new story and last Monday's story was "The Last Christmas Letter".  Fantastic, I can't come up with enough words to tell you how good this story was.  With a few key words she transport you to where the story is taking place.  I loved it, so if you need a break from writing or anything go to this site.  You never know what might catch your fancy.

SB Sarah    The title of this blog is "Virginity Cliches in Romance".  The woman is unhappy about reading it over and over again in a romance book that (1) the hero didn't know his lover was a virgin  (2) the hero saying he would have done it different.   I found this blog intertaining and I totally agree.  Some times we would like our stories more real life.  I mean really, did our hero ever tell us that after our first roll in the sack?  Let's get real here.

I was wondering what every one thought about the new offer from Amazon.  You know belonging to their lending library and you can't have your book for sale any where else.  Lord have mercy for a newbie this is terror filled zone.  We are having enough trouble finding enough places to push (advertise) our books without something like this.  I will be staying away from this elite club, but then again I was always a tad of a rebel.  What are you thoughts on this?   Leave a comment and let me know.

Finished up my Christmas shopping yesterday and spent the evening wrapping presents.  While doing this I thought of what Christmas had been like when my children were small.  I miss those times even though the days were filled with a lot of work.  I miss baking cookies to give away and to eat until I didn't have any space left in the kitchen to put them.  Making homemade candy to be eaten and given away.  The pies scattered around the counters in all their glory.  Fingers large and small reaching out to taste and help.  Laughter and smiles shared.  Memories made to keep and to forget.  If I could I would love to go back and relive those times. 

In those long ago days, Sears use to send out their Christmas catalog.  Each year we looked forward to the day the catalog would arrive.  The kids arguing over who would get to look through it first.  The kids would scan the pages marking what they wanted which was about everything.  My husband and I would scan the pages dreaming of the presents we wanted too.  By the time Christmas came Sears Christmas catalog looked and had been well used.  Pages crinkled, corners turned down and pictures marked.  It looked as if it had been around for ages.   But it was such a part of Christmas, a tradition we needed to share each year.

It's strange I remember mainly the time leading up to Christmas with the shopping, baking, wrapping and the Christmas programs at school and at church.  There was one year it snowed on Christmas day a rare occurrence in southeastern Arizona.

Getting together with family and friends to share the goodies we baked and cooked.

The year my sister in laws and I crocheted Christmas tree skirts, ornaments, mittens, house shoes, scarfs and etc for Christmas.

 All of these preparations left us with the feeling of accomplishment. We were artists in our on rights with the glory of our creations to share. 

I miss these long ago Christmases.

 I don't do all that baking, candy making any more.  Today we are worried about the weight we put on and healthy eating.  Living alone, I definitely don't need the sweets around.  I have a sweet tooth that want stop. 

My kids have grown up and are making their own memories.  I share only a very small portion of their holidays memories now.  I guess this is what happens when you mainly have sons and they share all the memories with the wife's family.  Unfortunately my daughter and son in law live out of state near his parents and they are making memories with them. 

I can now understand what they mean about this being the loneliness time of the year.  Why there is a problem with depression.  We sometimes out live our usefulness and traditions are forgotten no matter how hard we tried to install them.

See you around the block.  

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