Friday, December 2, 2011

Chocolate Chips

Okay, as you know I am new to the writing scene and I have found out the hard way, sitting at a computer a lot of the day can make you, (oh, dare I say it) b-i-g-g-e-r.  

Yes, you know what I am talking about.  My youngest son Toney says I need to exercise.  I went from a job on my feet all day moving around, to sitting on my bottom all day.  Go Figure!

I now have a timer next to my computer.  I set it for one hour, when it rings, I get up and walk for fifteen minutes.  That is if the muse is not talking to me.   I also have an pedometer in my pocket to count my steps.  Just about everyone says if you walk ten thousands steps a day you will lose weight.   

Believe it or not, I get in my ten thousand steps a day.   My question is WHEN DO I START LOSING WEIGHT?  I mean really people, I haven't lost a pound, but my calves are to die for. The rest of me, Blah.

Toney: " Give it time mom.  Muscle weights more than fat."

 Me:  "Duh."

Toney:: "It's like your writing, it will have benefits in the future."

Me:  "Sure it well."

Toney:  "Are you watching what you eat?  Are you following a diet?"

Me:  "My middle name is diet, of course I am following my diet to a T."

Toney stands there looking at me.  I look away.

Me: "You don't think it's the chocolate chips?"

Toney: "What chocolate chips?"

Me: "Weeelllll, you know how I love candy and cookies?  A tablespoon of dark chocolate chips are only seventy calories."

Toney:  Grining ear to ear.  "How many tablespoons do you eat?"

Me:  " Weeelll, I eat two tablespoons, and that is less calories than a candy bar and most cookies.  One tablespoon was just a tease."

Toney is laughing and having a hard time speaking

Toney:  "How many times a day do you have these two tablespoons?"

Me: "Weeelll about two times a day.  You know as the dessert after lunch and dinner."

Toney:  "What gave you the idea of eating chocolate chips in place of cookies and candy?"

Me:  "If you look at the diet I am following it says candy, cookies and etc. are not to be eaten.  It doesn't mention chocolate chips."

Toney:  "You don't think the chocolate chips is in the etc.?"

Me:  "I think if they didn't want me to eat chocolate chips they would print it in black and white."

Toney:   Hugs me and says, "Yeah, mom, but they didn't know you would be trying to follow their diet.  Cut out the chocolate chips and you might see a weight lost."

Me:  "Okay, I will. Of course I have to eat the chocolate chips I have on hand.  I don't want to be wasteful, you know."

Toney laughs all the way to his car.  Do you think he was laughing at me?   Hmmm, I seem to entertain my kids a lot.

See you around the block.

Me:  " Weeelll, I eat two tablespoons, and that is less calories than a candy bar and most cookies."
Lynn Viehl    Has been a very busy woman.  Where does she get all her energy.  Read her blog to find out what she has been up to.

I found Joshilyn's blogg so funny.  It is about a mother allowing her daughter to get her ears pierced.  I know what she was feeling, let me tell you.  I only had one girl and she was the youngest of my children.  It was very hard to let her get her ears pierced.

Eat an elephant?  Therese wrote about taking control of your life.  You will enjoy her story and be helped by the advice she gives, or at least I think you well.

I am so glad Heidi is back with us from NaNo.  I missed reading her blog during November.

I loved this blog!  I couldn't stop laughing as I read it.  Pure entertainment.  Of course I expected it would be with this name connected to shopping.  I mean really doesn't it sound like a name someone rich would have?  Hope to hear more from Tiffany.

Sharla has a great article on non-verbal communication.  She has a list of them also.  So, should your character lift an eyebrow or crosses their arms over their body, you will know what they are really saying.  I probably need to use these clues in real life.  The question is, will I remember them?  

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