Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It Works and More Fluff!

Apparently my smoke alarm works!  Burning toast in the toaster sent a shrill noise through the house.  I never have to worry about checking the smoke alarm, I know somehow in the year I set the alarm off.

I have been working on my fourth WIP, it will be a sequel to Charlie, which I hope to upload as an e book in a few weeks.  Charlie is a parrot and a character.  I love this silly bird and Wendy the woman who took him in without blinking an eye is also my favorite.  Wendy is sweet, has some hang ups from high school, like the majority of people and she is a fighter.  Charlie and Wendy worked so well together with the two men in Wendy's life, I decided to do another murder mystery with them all involved in one way or another.

Enough of the present, I think we will step in to the past for a few minutes.

My daughter Carey was my fourth child and the only girl with four older brothers.  Carey unfortunately took after her mother and is an air head and since God has a sense of humor, he decided to give her blond hair.  Both my husband and I are dark headed.

Of course since she was the only blond in the family, my fourth son had her convinced for the longest time she was adopted.  John my husband and I finally convinced her by the time she was in first grade that she was not adopted.

Well as I mentioned Carey was an air head like me.   One weekend, we were in Sierra Vista shopping.  The kids love Long John Silver and we stopped there to eat.  Carey had a kids meal which included a chocolate chip cookie.  She is eating and talking and not really paying attention to what she eats.  Carey suddenly stops to look down into the box containing her meal.  Carey's lips curve down and she looks up at her dad and me with tear filled eyes.  

"Someone ate my cookie!"  She gives each of her four brothers a dirty look.

John and I are looking at her and laughing.  I could hardly get the words out.  "Carey, you ate your cookie.  I watched you do it."

Carey looks down into her meal box and shakes her head.  Looking up at me with pleading eyes, "Are you sure I ate my cookie?"

"Yes, sweetheart, you did eat your cookie."

John couldn't take the dejected look in her eyes and he bought her another cookie, telling her to make sure she paid attention when she ate it.

With five kids there were always moments that John and I found funny while the kid involved didn't think it was so great.

Toney the youngest son tried to dive through the window into the car and put a gash in his head.  I taped it together and he was back outside.

Jesse the third son was having an argument with his brother Wayne over their record players.  Jesse grabs a cord thinking it belongs to Wayne's record player and cuts off the plug with scissors.  Poor Jesse it turned out to be the cord to his record player.  John fixed it and both boys were happy.
Wayne my second son and his friends loved to build ramps for their bikes.  They really weren't the greatest builders.  So none of us were surprised when Wayne comes home with his chin scraped deeply, bottom teeth in front are loose and he has broken of one of his front teeth.  I called the dentist who is fifty six miles away and he says he will meet us at his office.  We drive to Sierra Vista and the Dentist checks Wayne out.  He rebuilt Wayne's front tooth and cleaned Wayne's chin.  Poor Wayne had to live on Slim Fast until his bottom teeth tighten up.

Ah, the thrills of raising children.  I sometimes wonder how mine live through it.

I haven't any advice for writers, except to write and read.  I'm sure you are waiting for my blog to become more educational and  that is one of the reason I include links to other blogs.  I have found some blogs very educational, but I wonder sometimes if it is too much information.  So I think I will keep my blog more entertaining than educational.  I always like a little fluff in my day.  How about you, are you tired of learning and just want to be entertained for a few minutes?  Let me know.

I had a great time reading  Joan Reeves today.  She had Barbara Graham talking about imaginary friends.  I found this piece funny and also it helped me realize I wasn't crazy.  Thank you very much.  I keep telling my kids I'm not crazy and they want believe me.

Lynn Viehl  had a museum  site you could visit.  Lynn said if NaNo writers needed a short break.  I loved museums and had to visit the site.  Love it.

Elaine Isaakwas burned out on unnecessary magic in books.  I had to laugh through this.  I sometimes have thought that as I read a book with magic in it.

Jack Caldwell wrote a blog about turkeys and a little of their history.  It came about from his putting a turkey on the table in one of his books and one of his beta readers said turkeys did not exist in England at the time.  I enjoyed this and also learned something as I read.

K. B. Owen has an interesting blog today.  She compares writing to decorating a Christmas tree.  Go have a look and see what you think.

See you around the block.

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