Monday, November 21, 2011

A Little Tease

I have finished my third book and I will soon be releasing it as an e book.  I thought I would let you have a very small sneak peak at a little of it.  Let me know what you think of it.

Seeing a book sitting on the patio table with the pages fluttering in the light breeze, Charlie crossed the yard to take a quick peek at the brightly colored cover.  A book reader could mean the person had a quiet life without a lot of visitors.  Could also mean this person didn’t go out a lot to visit with other people.
Wandering toward the sliding glass door, he could hear music coming from the kitchen; the beat had his feet tapping and his head bobbing.  He loved music and this house was full of music.  Hmm, the type of music he enjoyed listening too.  Did this mean his type of person lived here?
Stepping through the door he watched her dance around the kitchen with unblinking dark eyes.  He could shake his booty with the best of them and the woman wasn’t too bad either.  Not bad at all and she was easy on the eyes.  It wasn’t long before he was getting down and boogieing around the room.  “Get it on baby,” he crooned, twirling and dipping to the beat of the music.
Hearing a voice behind her had Wendy stumbling to a stop and fingers of fear raced up her spine.  She didn’t have room mates and hadn’t been expecting anyone to stop by for a visit.


Okay my computer has decided not to let me go back to the beginning edge.  Go figure!  I hate computers sometimes.  I just tried to look at the preview and it wouldn't let me go back to edit.  UGH!!!  Who is in control here I wonder?

It seems with computers and sites you learn one thing and another problem pops up.  Have you ever noticed you can out think and maneuver your computer and you have to stop to let it catch up?

I spent the weekend working on two books.  One is a sequel to the book Charlie which is a mystery and I also am working on a romance where the past and future meet.  So at this moment I am sitting in front of my computer a little, shall we say brain dead.  LOL

Writing that I could hear my kids smirking and saying you would need a brain to be brain dead.   Hmmmm

This Thanksgiving my youngest son Toney (he's single) is fixing Thanksgiving dinner.  I am making the pies, pumpkin and pecan.  He says he has a new recipe for the turkey.  Should be interesting, I am always willing to try something new.

I visited some blogs this morning and here is a peek.

Rachelle Gardner  
Make Your Holiday Writing Plan, she had thoughts on how to make it more realistic with some writing time slipped in there.

Liana Brooks 
Will be missing in action for Thanksgiving, but I enjoyed reading about their open door policy.  Thank of the story ideas that could come from this.

K. B. Owen
She write about "The Butler Did It?  Which I find very funny, because I used that "the butler did it" in my Charlie story.  She said we have all heard it, but was it really used?

Adam Heine
"On the Art of Socializing", I found this to be an entertaining and funny.  It gives us some ideas on how not to socialize.  Being me of course I see his last name and wonders if he is kin to Heine ketchup.  Hmmmm

The Bloggess keeps me in stitches.   She is always interesting and funny.

Well this is it for today.   If you see any mistakes blame the computer who has a mind of it's own today.  I may need to shoot it.

See you around the block, well if I don't get lost again.


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