Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday Cheer!

This Thanksgiving was busy and full of fun.  

My youngest son Toney made some yummy home made rolls.  I HAD to eat two.  

This was the first time Toney had cooked the turkey and of course he ran into the same problem as all new cooks when it comes to the turkey.  The first time he pulled it out of the oven it wasn't ready even though it had been in there the amount of time it was.  Seems his oven doesn't reach the right temp.  Ha!

Toney also made two, can you believe two different cranberries sauces?  One was a little tart and the other was sweeter.  Ambitious man!

He also had two types of mashed potatoes.  One with cream cheese and a normal mash potatoes.  Lord save us, the table groaned beneath all the food.

I didn't take the pumpkin or pecan pie over, because he asked me not too.  One of his friends had decided to bring pies.  Of course he wanted me to bring him a slice of each.  LOL

We ate until we thought we would burst.  There was a lot of laughter and sharing.  I enjoyed visiting with my son Toney, Jesse and Tina (Jesse's wife) and Toney's friends.. 

Tina and I left the men in front of the television to drive to the theater to see Jack & Jill.   It is a very cute movie and we both enjoyed it.  

Returning home we nibbled a little on left overs.

Next day, Friday I went over to my son Wayne and Claire's house to share a Thanksgiving meal with them.  Jesse and Tina were there and so was Mike and his wife.  Also my grown up granddaughter Kiersten was there with her friend Elisha.  Had fun watching Wayne's two small children Gracie and Grant.  Enjoyed more visiting, laughing and sharing.

How lucky can you get?  Two Thanksgiving meals.   Loosen the waist band!  LOL

On Saturday we all came together to share a Mexican fiesta.  I made my special Spanish Rice that contains hamburger.  Wayne loves it because it's spicy.  

This time I took my pies with me.  I knew if I didn't get them out of the house, I would not be able to wear my clothes comfortably. 

The pies and Spanish rice were eaten and I didn't have to bring home left overs.  Thank Goodness. 

After the meal, we decided to go see a movie.  Wayne, his two kids and I saw Arthur's Christmas.  It is an adorable movie.  Claire and Tina saw the Twilight movie.

We shared ice cream from Stone Cold Creamery after the movie.  

Another fantastic day!  With their busy schedules, I don't get to spend as much time with my grown up kids and I miss them.  So on the days I am with them I  enjoy every second and pray there will be more times like this.

The only things missing this year was my daughter and her husband.  Maybe another time?

My oldest son has always spent the holidays with his wife's family and we are use to it by now.

Poor thing has had a trying one and half months with her children.  They have been ill and there is a glimmer of light in the future.  Please stop by and cheer her up. 

Elizabeth wrote about remembering when she had bought baby shoes for her daughter.  It was a heart warming piece and one we as mothers have gone through our selves or will go through later on.

Don't forget Blaire has a contest on her blog.  It ends Dec. 14th.

Chuck Sambuchino gives us answers about royalties, advances and money.!/whenpigsflyblog
You can win cookies!!    Woot, Woot,  I love cookies.

See you around the block.


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