Monday, November 7, 2011

Is That a Ship??!!

I hope I have mentioned these stories about some of the things that happened in my life are not in sequence.  I write them as they come to mind.

So I am jumping to a time after my husband had passed away and my daughter Carey was the only child at home.  She was about fifteen when this story takes place and we had moved back to our hometown of Elfrida for a year.

We loved driving to Sierra Vista every weekend.  It had more to offer than Douglas, besides having men walking around in uniforms.  There is nothing like a man in a uniform!!!  Fort Huachucha is part of Sierra Vista and there were a lot of military men around.

I am grinning right now as I remember Sierra Vista had recently built a small mall.  It is small in comparison to the malls in Mesa and etc.

My daughter Carey and I love malls no matter what the size.  Great place to window shop and watch the people.  Also great place to find things you want.

Of course the brainatics (computer says word is misspelled, but it didn't come up with the right word I wanted, Oh well) had worked hard to come up with the name for this mall (tongue in cheek)  they called it, Mall of Sierra Vista.

We always took the back way down Kings Highway, a small two lane road that the county finally paved.  It cuts off some time, even though it still took a good forty five minutes to get to Sierra Vista.  This road is full of dips and curves and wide open spaces.  It is open range and you have to watch for live stock.  After this trip, I figured they should add another sign for what else you needed to watch out for.

One late afternoon, my daughter Carey and I were returning from a day spent in Sierra Vista.   We were cruising down Kings Highway when low and behold.  We see, you aren't going to believe this.  I know my sons had a hard time believing it.

A SHIP is coming down the small two lane road taking up the whole road.  We couldn't believe our eyes.  I mean Arizona is pretty far from the ocean and this thing is too big for any of our lakes.  I pull off onto the dirt as far as I can and stop to wait for the ship to pass by.  It is on a very low, long trailer being pulled by a semi truck.  This thing takes up the whole road.

My daughter Carey turns to me grinning, "Mom, only you would be forced off the road by a ship in the middle of the desert."

I wish we had gotten pictures to prove it.  The boys had a great time teasing us about this, asking what had we been drinking and etc.

The story doesn't end there.  Carey and I move back to Mesa and decided to go to Falcon Field for their World War II USO show.  They have planes and other memorabilia you can look at and there are people dressed in uniforms of that time, not only U.S. armed forces, but also Germany's and Japan's.

I followed the signs and parking people directed me to go down this road to the parking area.  I had to pull off in the dirt this time, because a World War II plane was taxiing down the same road.  There it was this big plane coming down the road right at us.

This time not only did I have Carey as a witness, but also her boyfriend.  The boys still had a great time teasing me about what I was drinking at the time.

My sons have always teased me about drinking.  The reason is, John once told me in front of them I would be dangerous if I drank.  I was already dizzy enough without alcohol.

On facebook  one of the Austin authors Nina Benneton had posted about free books for helping writers.

Girlfriends Book Club/What's in a genre? by Jacquiline Luckett was interesting.  I choose books by the blurb on the back and I read any genre that sounds interesting. 

K.B. Owen, Mystery Writer/Mystery Morning: Chasing the MacGuffin     I had never heard the term MacGuffin before and found it interesting.  She also has a site you can go to that tells you more about MacGuffin.  MacGuffin is what the characters are searching for in the story.  Some great examples.

I have been reading books who have animals in them.  I read two of Sofie Kelly's books, Sleight of Paw and Curiosity Thrilled the Cat.   These are two really cute books and I enjoyed them totally.

The reason I have been reading books with animals in them is because of  Charlie.  He is a mouthy parrot in my book .  I finished it and now I am waiting for some of my critique partners to read it.  I read the other books to see how they handled the pet in their stories.  But in the end, I did my story my way.  I hope my readers will like it.  I had a lot of fun writing it, even though Charlie wouldn't leave me alone.  LOL

See you around the block.

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