Friday, November 4, 2011


You have probably been wondering if I ever had a run in with the highway patrol.  The answer is once.  I was driving toward home after spending the day shopping in Douglas.

It was the weekend, John and the kids were off having fun together.  A day of shopping without kids was a gift from heaven.  Those of you who have had to drag one or more kids around while trying to shop will understand how special this day was.

Well, I was heading home, windows rolled down and the radio playing.  I wasn't paying attention to my speed and when I met a highway patrol car, I didn't think anything about it.

That is until I hear a siren and see flashing lights behind me.  GULP!  I pull over and wait for the policeman to walk up and he is very polite.

He asks me if I knew how fast I was going.  I smile,  shake my head and tell him I don't know, which was the truth.  He tells me I was going ten miles over the speed limit.

Then he asks for my driver license and registration.  I hand over my driver license  and then I have to ask, "What does the registration look like?"  I didn't think I had ever seen it and I wasn't sure what he wanted.

He looks at me for a minute and then he says, "It's the paper the sticker for your tag comes on and it says to put it in the glove box."

I smile giving a tiny laugh, "Oh that, it's on top of the refrigerator at home."

"When you get home tell your husband to put it in the glove box."  He handed back my driver license and told me to watch my speed and told me he would just give me a verbal warning this time.

I put my driver license back into my wallet and drove home, mindful of my speed.

I find John and the kids have returned and I tell John what the policeman had said.  John gives me that look (are you for real) and grins, "Honey, it is amazing what you can do."

I look at him confused and he continues, "Only you could get yourself out of a speeding ticket with a smile and asking a question."

John handed me the registration and told me to put it in the glove box.  He said this way next time I would know what it looks like.

From that time on, I made sure to keep my eyes peeled for the police and made sure my foot didn't grow heavy on the gas pedal.

The first car I had with cruise control was fantastic.  I use it all the time, because half the time I don't know how fast I am going.  My mind is off somewhere else, generally on a scene I am planning to write for my book.

I pity the other drivers out there sharing a rode with me.  I am one more idiot on the road not paying attention.

Read some great blogs this morning:

Slingword/Joan Reeves guest was Terry Callister and he is looking for submissions to be published in a short story book.  Check it out.

  I tried to put the link, but it erased everything I had written about Slingword.  Sometime   computers are very mysterious.

Good luck to Heidi Windmiller on her NaNo project.  I am rooting for you.  I'm not sure I used the right spelling for rooting.  It looks strange.

Writer Unboxed had guest Sarah Callender who talks about doubt.  You know the kind that makes you wonder about this or that.  Found it interesting and of course I saved her blog site.

Happy reading and writing to everyone.

The weather man says Arizona will be windy, means big dust storms and we will get rain tonight.  Normally I would be thrilled about the rain, but I have a leak in my roof that hasn't been fixed yet.  But then again the weather man could be wrong.  Weather is hard to predict in Arizona.  It may only rain a block over, I can only hope.

See you around the block.

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