Friday, November 11, 2011

Am I Lost???

I woke up this morning sore.  My knees hurt, bottom hurts and I have a number of other aches and pains.

I know your thinking did she go to the gym and work out too hard?  Did she climb a mountain or swim the English Channel?

Wrong!  I went for a walk and found out exercising can be dangerous, nerve wrecking and etc..

I have been writing about my past, but today I thought I would share what happened yesterday.

I am trying to walk 10,000 steps a day.  Sitting at the computer writing all the time has added a few pounds and clothes are beginning to feel tight.

The weather is perfect for walking and I do enjoy this exercise a lot, walking in the neighborhoods around my home.  Looking at the different houses and the way the yards are set up.

Will I found out yesterday I need to pay more attention to where I am going, instead of thinking about a story I am working on or about the houses and yards I am looking at. 

At least I wasn't behind the wheel of my car, is all I can say.

I am walking along and I realize I am really tired.  I looked at my watch and I had been walking for an hour.  I looked around the neighborhood I am in and I don't recognize anything.

Now as you know in my other tales, I don't like retracing the way I have come.  I am afraid of becoming more lost than I already am.  Especially this time, since I have taken streets off to the side and etc.  There isn't a straight path I could follow.

The thought keeping me going, was I didn't want to have to call one of my sons to come get me.  In my mind I can hear the conversation.

"Hi, it's mom.  (a long pause)  I was wondering if you would come and get me?"

"Did the car break down?"  Of course son would sound a little distracted being busy at work.

"No, I'm not in my car.  I am out walking."

"Mom, why do I need to come get you if your out walking?  Did you sprain an ankle?  Where are you at?"

"No I'm not hurt.  (another long pause)  I don't know where I am?"

"Mom, do you feel faint?  Did the feeling of not knowing where you are come on suddenly?  Have you been having trouble remembering things?"

"No to everything you asked."  Now I am becoming a little peeved at all the questions.  "I am lost.  I don't know which way to go to find home."

The laughter explodes over the phone and I hear this voice gasping for air as he asks, "Did you find the scenic route?"

Now I am mad at the son I was thinking of calling and decide I am not calling any of my sons, come hell or high water.   I will find my own way home, thank you very much.   I will not be laughed at or ridiculed for my lack of direction.  I am not in the mood for it.

One problem was this neighborhood had a lot of dead ends and circle streets.  I would head down one hoping it would go through to only find out it circled back.  Which means they don't really lead any where.  I finally gave up and walked in the direction I think one of the main streets can be found.

I was lucky and I did find a main street that I knew.  I stand there at the side of this main street wondering which direction I should go, left or right?  I know I am a long way from home since I found this main street.  It takes at least fifteen minutes in the car to get to this street from my home.  I can see stop lights way down the street in both directions and decide I would head toward the closes one.

I know you are wondering why I don't use my cell phone to find my way home.

 I don't have the directional thing on my cell phone and I can't see the screen when I am out in the sunshine.   It would be just as hard to call someone, unless I knew their numbers by heart and could dial them.  The only number I know by heart is my own and sometimes I draw a blank when trying to remember it. 

I mean who would think I would need to know my kids numbers.  I would scroll down to their name and press enter.  Gees give me a break!  Ya, I know that's not working this time.

By the time I walked into my front door, I had walked over fourteen thousands steps.  Muscles in my bottom, thighs and calves were hurting and my feet were yelling in protest.   I would have kissed the floor, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get back up and I needed some water.  I had drained my water bottle dry long before I reached home.

Who knew walking could be dangerous!  

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