Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Need Directions??!!

My daughter Carey and I were talking about giving directions yesterday.  We think we give very clear directions, the only problem don't expect us to give street names or use a rose compass (you know east, west, south and north).

This is one reason we have a problem traveling at night, we can't see the land marks we use to guide us where we are gong.

I think an example is called for.  Don't you?

These are the directions I gave some friends on how to find my home.

First take the freeway I10 (I know this because, lord I lived here forever and it is the main artery of Arizona).  Head for Phoenix, as your traveling down the freeway pay close attention to the large bill boards.

When you get to the one with Biscuits on it for Country Kitchen take the ramp right after it.  Stop at the four way stop and take a left.  Head down this road until the first stop light which is way down the road.

At this stop light make sure you are in the middle lane.  You will be heading straight through the intersection passing the Last Chance Bar on the right. 

Next stop light stay in middle lane, you drive straight through this intersection, there will be a McDonald's on the left.  Continue down the road and stay in the middle lane.

Next intersection there is a Burger King on the right, travel straight through this intersection.

Next intersection you will drive straight through and there will be a nursery on the right with a sign saying Giants for sale.  I read the sign road and it stuck in my head that way.   Of course thinking about what kind of giants they had for sale made the rest of my trip entertaining.  Oh wait a minute, I mean the sign says Giant Fall Sale. 

At the floppy man take the ramp onto the 202 on the right.  Floppy man is one of those fabric tubes that flop in the air advertising something could be the mattress place.

Okay head down the 202 and pay attention to the mini malls built next to this freeway.

When you see the Harkins theater on the left, make sure you are in the far right lane. 

Take the next ramp on the right and stay in the left lane.  You will be turning left.

The next intersection will have a gas station on the corner on the left, drive through this intersection.  On both sides there will be farm fields, keep going and at the next intersection you will see a bank, drive straight through this intersection.

At the next intersection there will be a gas station on the right, keep heading straight.  When you get to the intersection where there is a Sprouts, keep going straight.

Continue down this street on the outside left lane until you get to the intersection that has a day care place on the left.

Just after this street, there is a small street on the left, turn left and follow street and notice the turn in on the right.

Take the second one in front of the swimming pool and follow the curve around to my home.

Now both my daughter and I think these directions are much better than using a lot of street names, the signs are small for the streets and are hard to read when your doing 45.

Of course I have to admit some people have become lost with my directions.  Is it my fault they wound up in the wrong city? 

How do you give directions?  Do you use land marks?

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I continue writing and it makes it a little easier reading about other writers and the fears they face.  I think you all for your inspiration and the push I need to continue even though my books haven't sold enough to cover the copyright yet I am hopeful someday they will.

See you around the block.

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