Monday, November 14, 2011


John learned the hard way not to complain about my cooking pretty much the same thing all the time.

John complained one morning about breakfast being boring.

I looked through all my cook books searching for a totally different kind of breakfast for the weekend.  I had dreams of wowing John with this breakfast.

I found one called Holland Danish Eggs and bought what I needed at the store.  This recipe called for canned Holland Danish sauce.  I know you are thinking "You're Kidding, Right?"   No unfortunately I am not kidding.

I was up early fixing the poached eggs and toasting the English muffins and heating up the sauce.  I proudly set the plate in front of John and stood there waking for him to brag about how pretty it was and that it tasted fantastic.  Yup, Right!

John gagged down the first bite and looked at me with disbelief in his eyes.  "Lord Honey, are you trying to kill me?  This is horrible." 

"It can't be that bad,"  I laugh taking my first bite  and spit it out.  "That's horrible!"

"Ya. that's what I said," laughed John.

I dumped the food out and turn to John grinning, "Would you like some bacon and eggs?"

John never complained again about being bored with food I fixed. 

But I did ever so often through in something new.  Sometimes it was good and other times I had to fix something else to eat.

I had been reading a lot of romances set in Australia and I noticed they ate lamb a lot.  Never had eaten lamb, I decided my family and I need to broaden our scope of food we ate. 

I found a recipe for cooking lamb chops and bought what I needed.  I can still see John, the four boys and I sitting around the table.

We each made a different kind of face as we took our first bite of the lamb.

John looks at me and I shrugged, "Maybe it is a required taste.  You have to start eating it at a young age."

At that moment the two year old spits out the meat, "Yuck!  What happen to the pork chop?"

I look at John smiling, "I think you need to start younger than two years old."

John and I had a good laugh.  I then fixed some fried hamburger and we finished our meal.

John came from a big family and they love to have family reunions.  Each family member takes turn hosting it.

One year while living at the airport, it was our turn to host a meal.  John loved cherry pie and I decided I would make a large cherry cobbler for the dessert.  I found the recipe and bought everything I would need to make the cherry cobbler.   The recipe called for canned cherries, not cherry pie filling.

I know you are wondering where I am heading.  Well, I learned I needed to pay more attention to details when cooking.

I followed the recipe and brought the cherry cobbler out with a big smile and ice cream.  I filled the bowls and eagerly watched John take his first bite.

"Ah honey, are the cherries suppose to have pits?"

I gave John a blank look for a minute, "I didn't realize they would sell canned cherries with the pits still in them.  I don't understand why they would do that."

Every one laughed saying the cobbler was good and they carefully ate the fruit around the seeds.  It turned out I had bought some canned cherries with pits and without pits.

Have you ever had a cooking disaster?

I notice in the Blogs today that two of the bloggers I follow was talking about how our hero and heroine looks.  Their blog made me think about how I describe my characters in my stories and realized I follow the same trend as most writers and make them unbelievable great.  Need to work on that.

My oldest son came over last week to give me a crash course in making links.  Hope they work, because it was a rapid fast course and I may of lost something in the thought processes.  LOL.

Smart Bitches by SB Sarah  wrote Heavy D & the Hero.  She makes you stop and think about your own imaginary and the real hero in your lives.

The Naptime Novelist  by Leigh Ann Kopans wrote about Writing Hotness and gave you some examples.

Paperback Writer  by Lynn Viehl wrote about Ten Things Women Do Only in Novels.  I found this entertaining and chuckled through some of it.

See you around the block.

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