Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays

Okay I tried to leave some comments on some blogs today and my comments disappeared.  My silly computer would take me to the blogspot sign in page.  I gave up after a while.

I was reading some of my favorite blogs and found out one will be ending Jan 1st.  I will miss this blog, it was entertaining and made me laugh.   Margie and Nancy Martin wrote about the ending coming soon.  This was the one a few days ago it was hilarious, Elaine Viets wrote "My Shot at Chic" to do with tasting vinegar.  I laughed so hard at this one I cried.

Also, while I am thinking of it.  I will not be putting up a new blog on Fri., Dec. 23rd or Monday, Dec., 26th.  I will be visiting with my son and his wife.  I am not taking my lap top with me, because it is crazy.  The last time I used it I wanted to throw it across the room and stomp it when it landed.  Soooo,
no laptop. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and don't eat too much.  Okay, you can eat as much as you want.  But remember, we will have to go on a diet after the holidays.

This also means I will have to catch up with you guys on your blogs when I get back. 

Alas, I found out the link I had been using for Amazon to connect my readers to my book was wrong.  I might sale more if I used the right link.  I find Amazon not as user friendly as I do Smashwords.  How about you, which one is easier for you to use and keep track of your book sales?

So here are the correct links to my books on Amazon:

Smashwords I had right but I will put them again.  My books are at sale at Barnes & Noble and Apple.  I haven't figured yet how to find out how they are doing and their links, since Smashword placed them there.  I am not a computer guru, sad very sad.           Second Chance           Fainting Damsel

My book Charlie will soon be ready to upload as an e book.  I had so much fun working with these characters, especially Charlie who is a mouthy parrot.  I have started another book with some of the same characters, but I'm not sure if I could come up with a third story.  We will have to wait and see.

Jenny Hansen   Loved her blog about recipes that have been handed down.  I feel her pain, I have gone through some of the same things.  In the recipe my Aunt gave me for making Heath bars, she forgot to mention I needed to wait for the color of the candy to change when I was cooking it, otherwise you turn out this soft, crumbly Heath bar.  Then there is my mom who had this wonderful Eggplant Casserole.  I would ask her a number of times for the recipe and her answer was, "The recipe is on the cracker box."  Yah, probably twenty years ago.  Never did get that recipe and mom is gone now.

Lynn Viehl  Is at it again, adding more to the give away she has going.  Poor darling, it will cost a fortune to mail it.  I am not a shopper, but I enjoy reading about people who shop.  I think I was born without the shopping gene.  Oh well,  I will find something else to do.

Harley  Writes about mysteries things happening in her life.  Whew, some sound scarey and one, I wonder if she had been drinking.  White horses with pastel tails of different colors.  Hmm, I don't know about that.   Enjoyed the blog and wonder what will happen next.

 Susan McBride  Her blog is about memories of a Christmas when she was a child.  It brought back memories of when my kids were small.  We also had a tree covered in home made ornaments, store bought ones and lots of lights.  The kids also threw the tinsel on the tree and I thought it made the tree more interesting.  I have given the ornaments my kids made to them to put on their own trees and have a very small tree with ornaments I made for this tiny tree.
See you around the block.

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