Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not Working Right

This site is driving me crazy today.  It refuses to let me upload a picture.  UGH!!!

So if you want to see the real version of this blog go to Here I Go Again
This site is working and letting me up load pictures.

Okay I have to share this and even if I have shared it before, I don't care.  I love this music video and let me tell you if I had a hot guy living next door my car would be clean,  I mean really clean.  Right now it is so covered in dirt, it is hard to tell what color it really is.  My excuse is:  ARE YOU READY?  I'm waiting for it to warm up.  No, really!  To a desert lizard anything below eighty is sweater weather and who wants to freeze by getting wet.  Well, maybe if the guy was great looking, I would consider it.

Call Me Maybe
This video is sooo funnny!
Lynn Viehl  has a great post on archaeology magazine and sites.  She explains how reading these could lead to a story.  I love history, so I saved the sites and plan to go back to read.

This blog site is acting up today.  It want let me up load any pictures.  UGH!!  There are times I hate some of these sites and computers too.

Will have my new book Charlie out by next week in e book.  Look for it at Smashwords, Amazon and etc.

I worked all evening on this blurb:

Could life become more complicated?  Wendy was finding out the hard way it could.  First a parrot by the name of Charlie walks into her life yelling murder.  Then her ex-boyfriend is making threatening phone calls.  THEN the detective checking out the murder of Charlie's owner is the bully who had made Wendy's life hell in high school.   Sure they had both grown up and matured, but Wendy wasn't sure Detective Brandon had changed from the cruel teenager in high school.  Fate was laughing it's butt off.

What do you think of it?  Should I change it or does it grab your attention?  Let me know.

I am working on creating the cover today and hope to be able to add it to my blog, twitter, facebook pages soon.

This was suppose to be a single book, but the characters, especially Charlie are telling me there is another murder we need to get involved in.  We will see how it goes.

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