Friday, January 13, 2012

I Forgot!

Yes, you guessed it!  Desert Botanical Garden

Okay, I admit it!  I forgot it was Friday.  I thought it was Saturday.  Having insomnia last night didn't help.  I didn't fall asleep till the sun was over the mountains. 

Note to self, check computer for day before I do anything else.  Like go for a walk, because I thought I didn't have anything to do but edit my Charlie story.  Editing is going so so.  Means not great, but not really bad.  I'm am working on developing my characters more at the moment.

It is beautiful winter day in Arizona.  Slightly chilly, but the sun is shinning brightly.  I don't think I could live where the sun didn't shine a lot.  It would be very depressing.  I am totally a desert lizard.  I am longing for summer, of course I'll probably complain about the heat when it gets here. 

Do you do a lot of research for the books you write?  I do quite a bit and sometimes I am so caught up in the research, I forget why I am there.   Then after hours of reading and bouncing around the internet, I will remember what I was searching for and why I was searching.  

Do you work on one story at a time?  I mainly work on one, but sometimes another story will intrude and I will have to work on it, until the light bulb dies.  If I don't, I hit a road block in the main story I am working on.   But then again my middle name is dizzy according to my family.

I found a few links interesting today, but it could be the brain daze.

Margie Lawson   blog is about using "is".  She had some great examples and now I need to look through my Charlie story to see if I was carried away with "is".  I have a feeling I am probably guilty.

Nina Benneton  I found this blog funny and adorable.  It is about precious gifts from your sons.  If you need a laugh visit this site.

Need a little music?   Fol Chen-In Ruin Instrumental  This will get your feet to tapping.  I haven't figured out how to get the U Tube site with picture of album to show.  I'll keep working at it.  In the mean time this link will take you to it.

Heidi Windmiller  Love the picture of the bedroom.  I wrote on her post my bedroom looks like a reject from the Grapes of Wrath.  She also had the cutest picture of some eggs.  Reminded me of Humpity Dumpity.

I need more coffee so I will end here.

See you around the block.

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