Monday, January 16, 2012

Do You Hear Voices?

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Catchy title huh?  Well the title is connected to what we are going to be talking about.

This voice can be of a loved one or one or more of our characters or our own voice.   I heard someone gasp at the our own voice.  Hey, we are writers and we talk to ourselves all the time.  Hmm, or is that just me?

Any howww, a number of years ago I walk into the bedroom of one of my children and said, "I think I've lost a little in the tummy area."  Tummy and chin areas are a problem spot, in case you wanted to know.

This child gives me a quick glance and says, "What ever you think mom."

Who knew that such a bunch of words would burn into my brain?  Words said carelessly as that person was busy doing something else, you know like homework.

So years later I stand in front of the mirror and I will comment to myself, "You look good, or You've lost a few pounds/inches."  The voice turns on and I hear, "What ever you think mom."  I then promptly stomp out of the bathroom in a bad mood.

Ugh!  I have trouble remembering my neighbors name, but yet this I remember!

I tell my internal voice to get lost, but no it continues to TALK and TALK.

Have things stuck in your mind like this?  Just silly, careless things said.  I'm worried the answer could be no.  Then that would mean I'm crazy!

I can hear you clamouring, "YOU already knew that!  Geesh, how many times do you have to be told before you believe?

Okay, okay, I know.  A lot of writers have written on their blogs, that they think writers are not wired the same as the average person.  Could be why, my foot is in my mouth a lot.

MOVING on, what about the voices of our characters we hear in our head?  Usually that is how I come up with my story ideas.  Two new characters start having a dialogue with each other in my head.  Really doesn't everybody?

I being the brilliant person I am will listen in to these voices until the end.  Grab a pen and write down what was said, or as much as I can rememberDamn voices talk to fast I can't keep up when trying to write it down while they are talking.  I find it is hard to get the conversations down if I am driving.

Hmm, another thought has entered my mind reminding me I talk to everything.  Well, I will admit I talk to the computer, the television and ....   Everyone talks to imitated objects all the time.  Right? 

So far we have talked about a loved one voice and characters' voices, let's proceed to our own voice.

Generally, I am always having an internal coversation with myself.  You know like discussing what I did and what I should have done.  Yah, even internally there is a nag.

Or your internal voice is making rude comments while you are listening or looking at someone else.  Lord, if they could read my mind, I would be in deep doo doo.

Admit it!  You do it too!  Make a comment and let me know how your internal voices are working.

See you around the block.

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