Friday, August 19, 2011

Third time is charmed

She sat in her favorite rocking chair on the front porch and watched the neighbors.  Next to her on a table was ice tea with a slight kick to it.  She always thought a little whiskey never hurt anything and it made the evening more mellow.  Sipping her glass of ice tea she watched as Mr. James across the street worked in his yard.  Sweat glistened on tanned skin and made the well form muscles show to advantage.  Yep, nothing better than a glass of ice tea and watching muscles contract and then smooth out under bronzed skin.

Blogging, Blogging I hear about it all the time and lately I have been reading alot of blogs. 
I have spent the summer writing and I now have a finished book.
The blogs I have read advise I need to blog, have a facebook site and twitter site to advertise my book when it becomes an e book.
I figure okay and I am setting each of them up.
I have had family members and a friend read my manuscript and now I am having a professional person connected with books read it.
I have also been angonizing over the book cover.  I never paid attention to the book cover when I bought a book.  It was the intro in the back that caught my attention.   If it sounded interesting, I bought the book.
So we will see how it goes with the cover I decide to go with.  Tight on money like everyone else, I am trying to create my own cover.  Wish me luck!

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