Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Prayers are Needed

The past three months I have been worried about my oldest son.  He has been sick and the doctors could not find out what was wrong.  They ran every test they could think of, but nothing showed up.

My oldest son John looked and acted like a man whose batteries have run down and no one remembered to plug him back in to charge him up.

He has been so sick, he hasn't been able to work and he is self employed.

Lord, his brothers and his sister worried about him also.

Just by luck as the infectious disease doctor said, last Friday they took his blood at the right time and the doctor in the ER decided to have a blood culture done.

Low and behold, John had a very bad blood infection that involved his whole body and his heart.

For the last ten years John has suffered with TCM, which is a heart disease where one muscle is bigger (thicker) then the other muscles in his heart.  It causes the valve that sends blood to his lungs not to work right.  He has been able to control the problem with medication.

Unfortunately that is the valve the infection attached. 

Now, John has congested heart failure and they are putting off surgery of replacing the damaged value, hoping to be able to get the infection out of his body.  They see spots of infection in his lungs, spleen, kidneys and etc.

It's like playing Russian Roulette at the moment.

I sit in the hospital room with his family worrying and watching every short breath John takes.  Praying that the infection will soon be gone and they can do the surgery and John will have the strength to make it through.

His own children and wife are holding back the tears, trying to be brave and strong for John.  Wendy his wife hasn't left his side since he was admitted to the hospital.

Wendy gives him such tender care and love, trying to make sure he is as comfortable as he can be.  She never leaves the room and it is up to her children to make sure she eats by bringing her food.

The children try to take care of their mom, while she cares for their dad.

Wendy and John have been together since she was sixteen and he was eighteen.  They have been together twenty three years and never has the love between them wavered.

Only God knows what will happen.

John is so tired of being sick and worn out and also he is bothered by the bills he can not pay, because there isn't any money coming into the home.  He apologized yesterday to me, because he uses two of my credit cards for his company and there are large balances on them. 

I told him it was okay, life was a game of dice and this time the roll wasn't in our favor.  We would survive this and begin the long climb back to the top of the dog pile.

But Lord, I hate seeing him suffer.  I think this is the hardest part of being a parent, watching your child suffer and unable to help them.  Unable to take the pain away.

I don't think there is a parent alive who wouldn't give their own life for their child, much less an arm or a leg.  Because no matter how old your child gets, he is still your baby boy and you love him with all your heart.

We need this very important man in our lives and we are hanging onto him as tightly as we can.

I am asking, no I am begging for your Prayers for John.  Please pray for a full recovery.

Thank you!

See you around the block.

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