Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Story Continues

I am a dreamer and what this means I see the world in a different light then it really is.  In my world every thing is rosy and everyone looks out for each other.  A helping hand is always near and a friend is always close by.  You have a job you enjoy and money to pay your bills with enough left over to buy food and maybe a movie once in a while.

To my shock that world really doesn't exist and each time real life slaps me in the face I am shocked. 

Being a dreamer all my life has brought problems.  I seem to make the wrong choices sometimes and as such wind up in the refuse pile, to put it nicely.

I always think things will work out, but they don't and I should have learned that by now, but I never seem to learn the lesson. 

The Pollyanna, Mary Poppins side of me keeps getting control and WHAM I am knocked down.  But being the stubborn dreamer I am, I pick myself up and continue on, thinking magic is just around the corner.

Life at the moment sucks big time!!  Bills are coming due and I am trying to pull money out of thin air.  Has that ever worked?

The story continues and my son John is still in the hospital.  The doctors are trying to get him stabilized and then they can do open heart surgery to fix the valve that has stopped working.

The doctors are worried that John's heart will give out, because the part of the heart that isn't use to having to work so hard is now having to do all the work.

They are having a hard time getting John stable.  His lungs are still full of fluid, his kidney's aren't working as good as they should and his oxygen level keeps falling.

There are about eight doctors connected to John's care.  Each one specializing in a different area of the body.

The doctors read the lab results and look at all the scans and when they enter John's room they expect to find this man lying there near death.

To their surprise they find a man sitting up fighting with all he has to stay on God's green earth.  John is skin and bones now, but he refuses to give up.

Wendy says John is very stubborn and I tell her he got a double dose from his dad and I. 

Wendy is very confident, John will improve and he will beat the odds and she is also hopeful money will appear to pay the house payment and etc.

Hmm, makes me wonder if Wendy is also a dreamer. 

But I must admit, John looks good even though he is skin and bones.  He is still alert and shows an interest in what is happening with his family outside the hospital room.  So I am also expecting the best and John will outlive his mother the way it should be.

Please continue to pray.

See you around the block.


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