Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can I Visualize?

I think my back is well.  My plan is to start walking again.  I have started with walking fifteen minutes.

Lord have mercy!  My calves tied in knots.  I forced myself to finish.  Hmm, not only has my boobs gone south. it seems the rest of me is following.

Damn, I don't think visualizing my self looking like Sophia Loren will work.   The problem has grown bigger than I thought.  If you can pin point the problem, shouldn't you be able to correct it?   I need to  sweat, groan and moan myself in shape. 

No worry, I don't have to buy anything.  I probably have more diet and exercise books and exercise videos then Walmart.  I also have exercise equipment covered in dust.

Do you think dusting the exercise equipment could be counted toward the minutes of exercising?  Woot, Woot, I may only have to do ten minutes!

I had a great Sunday at  Sunday A'Fair .  My son Wayne and I listened to two great bands, watched people and most important shared time together.

Making a list of what I need to do before my daughter and her husband come for a visit.  Clean house and all that other fun stuff I don't do. Note to self:  buy more food.

I have also read a few great blogs and I want to share them with you.

Abby  has some great pictures of balloons crafted into some wonderful designs and her blog is funny.

Liana Brooks   has a funny blog on the power of boobs.  Yes you read that right, the power of boobs.

Girl friends book club   has a blog that will let you know, you are not alone, if you are a chunky monkey.  It seems that is part of being a writer.  Damn, I must be great!  I've put a lot of chunky on my monkey in the last nine months.

K. B Owens   site is great if you want a laugh.  Especially the one about a computer programer and a frog.

Hope you have a great week.

See you around the block.

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