Friday, March 23, 2012

This and That

There are some shows on television, I love to watch.  One of them is Chop on HGTV.  It is amazing watching these chefs come up with some great dishes with time limits and some strange ingredients.  I look up to these chefs, because I know I would fold under the pressure and cry like a baby.

Sweet Genius have the chefs cooking desserts with strange ingredients, time limits and an inspiration, such as a gold fish in a bowl.  These chefs are turning out candies, cakes and etc.  Some of the treats are very pretty and you have to wonder how they learned to be so creative.

Sometimes a title of a program will catch my interest and I will watch the show.  Duck Dynasty, the title caught my attention and it is about some people in Louisiana, that have become millionaires from making duck calls.  They make them by hand, so nothing is mass produced.  This show proves you can take the red neck out of the woods, but you can't take the red neck traits away.  I found this show funny and entertaining, especially since the oldest son is a college educated business major and CEO of the company.  He has a brother, an uncle and other relatives as part of the company who try his patience, but yet bring him a lot of joy into his life.

Have you watched these shows?  What do you think about them? 

I'll write some more later, about some of the other shows I watch, but for right now we are changing gears.

Joan Reeves  has an interesting blog about a company called MUSO.  This internet business helps authors to catch illegal down loads (or is it up loads?  I'm not sure) of their writing.  This is a growing problem in the internet and we need watch dogs out there keeping people honest.  MUSO charges a fee for their services.  This will probably interest author's who are well known and make money with their books.  So far that doesn't seem to be a problem.

Laura Bradford   has an interesting blog on The Stiletto Gang.  She writes about the fine print none of us bothered to read before we became an author.  All the different jobs we find ourselves doing to make it in the writing business.

Jackie King has an amusing piece on growing up in Oklahoma.  Her mom was a single parent before it became fashionable.

Hope you enjoy reading the blogs I have shared with you.  I really enjoyed reading them.

See you around the block. 

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