Thursday, May 3, 2012

Read Directions

Last week was rough, abused body exercised faithfully everyday.  Believe me every other day my body was sore and I had to force myself to do the walking.

I wondered why walking ten thousands steps a day could be so rough, so I hunted up the booklet that came with my old pedometer.  I never looked at it before and really I need to start reading directions.

But if you know me, I close my eyes and jump into things with both feet.  I do everything flat out, without a look back.

Sooo, anyway I'm am reading the little book and it says, Step one, "Wear your pedometer for three days and write down the totals and then calculate the average number of steps you have taken each day.  This is your start point."  Didn't do that!  It also tells you to pay more attention to your weekly total, rather than daily total, because on some days you will walk more than other days.  Hmm, this would keep you from killing yourself and almost having to crawl around the next day.

Yes, I should have read this book first, then I wouldn't have days of my ankles and knees killing me.  This happens after walking almost twenty thousand steps a day.

Sooo, I have lost another one and a half pounds last week.  A total of three pounds in two weeks.  Not the greatest but I figure it is better than adding that many pounds.  I remind myself think of butter.  You know the image to show how much I did lose.

I've lost almost an inch in some places and almost two inches in others.  I figured this measurement is probably the one I should concentrate on because the numbers make me happy.

Added this clip art because I like it.

Have you guys been on Pinterest?  Lord have mercy, it is interesting.  I have been enjoying myself, really way too much on this, but it is a great way to save some things you know you will use later.  Like recipes and etc. 

Also this week, on one of the pins I pinned, it said to use car wax on faucets, sinks and etc to make them shine.  I tried it, it worked fantastic on my newer faucets, but not so great on old, old stainless steel sink.  That thing has seen a lot of abuse over the years.  It does look a little better, but it doesn't shine like the newer faucets.

I also did some reading and remembered to give a review of each book I read.  I think this is important to do and it helps the author find more readers.  So remember if you read an e book or even a regular book go to Amazon and other sites and write a review.

I downloaded the Kindle app onto my lap top and my pc, because I thought my Kindle had stopped working.  The Kindle finally charged and I can use it again.  I find myself using my lap top to read books I down load to it more often.  It seems handier some how.  I think one reason is, when I change it to larger print, so I don't have to wear my reading glasses, I see more of the page, then I would on the Kindle.

Oh well, each to his own.

For those that don't realize it, on Amazon before you choose to buy a book, you have to chose which system you want it to down load too. 

I am writing, but it is not good stuff.  I'm having trouble getting the story to pull together and flow.  I can't hear the music yet in the words.

I notice Kale is all the rage now for eating.  Which is fine with me since I love Kale.  My grandma fixed all these types of greens all the time, collard, mustard and etc.  So I have always eaten them off and on.  I did fix some Kale Chips the other day.  I had never had them before and they were great.  The only problem was the recipe did not tell you to remove the big stem from the center of the leaf and that part is chewy.  Next time I am removing it.

Here is what Rosemary Harris  thinks about certain foods becoming the rage. 

Like her, I wonder who decides which food will become popular.  I mean really, why all of a sudden something is sooo good for you?   Go figure.

See you around the block.

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