Friday, April 27, 2012

The Weigh she Goes

As my near and dearest know, since I have been spending most of my time at the computer writing, I have gained a lot of weight.  (I really mean a lot)

Some clothes I can't get into and other are a little tight.  Hmm, this is a problem let me tell you.  I hate shopping for clothes.  It is my least favorite thing to do.  Ugh!

The weather is heating up in Arizona and I know I need to come up with a plan for exercise, that does not involve being outdoors for a long time.

Sooo, here is my game plan and I started it on Monday.  I only allow myself to sit at the computer for an hour at a time and then I have to walk for fifteen minutes.

The first day my steps were slow and in the back of my mind I was remembering what I had read about if you want to lose weight, you need to walk ten thousand steps a day. 

Next day, my pace was a little faster and then I hooked up my Ipod and walked to the music.  My pace really picked up then.  Remember I had down loaded fast songs.

The Ipod counts my steps also and also I am wearing my pedometer.  I know you want to know why I am wearing both. 

The reason is, because I have dropped, knocked Ipod off getting groceries out of the food cart and etc.  You see how this is going.

 I'm not sure how many falls it can take before it decides not to work.  Sooo, I only wear it for the fifteen minute brisk walk with music playing. 

The rest of the time the other pedometer keeps track of the extra steps I am taking.

 I found I can stop the step counter on the Ipod and start new each time and it keeps tracks of all the steps I have taken with it.  In the evening I plug it into my computer and log into Nike+ and I can see all my steps on the Ipod for the day.  Neat, huh?

Okay now on with what else I am trying to do.

I heard on the news if you walk during the commercials you will have walked thirty minutes in an hour show.

Sounds good to me.

I am also following my old old weight watchers point diet.  It was the first one they came out with where you counted points.  Yah, I know, I never throw anything away. 

But, really I do throw stuff away and then wonder why I didn't keep it because now I have to go buy a new one. 

Well, today is the fifth day of walking and I am sore and tired.

I am thinking about that program "The Biggest Loser" and remember how those people have to push their selves to keep going no matter what.

With this in mind, I am forcing my body to keep going.   I have to keep my goal in mind of getting back into some of my clothes and maybe going down a size or two.  Plus losing one of my chins wouldn't be so bad either.

I have found I fall asleep faster at night now and maybe this will help to keep the insomnia away.  I can only hope. 

I am working on a new story.  So far the title is "Earning His Wings", but that could change.  I'll let you stew over the title for a while before I tell you what the story is about.  It's like a game and you can see if you win or not with your guesses.

I forgot to mention during the walking sessions, I am also doing arm exercises.  The back of my arms are sore.  Go figure!

What have you found that keeps you working out and sticking to your diet?

I could use all the help I can get.

See you around the block.

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