Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boo Hoo!!

My baby girl and her husband left today.  Sigh!   They are heading back to their home in Reno.

I am missing them and their two adorable dogs.  No one to cook for  or talk with and no one to take for a walk.  

I have enjoyed having them here for a week.  Sigh!  I am feeling blue!  

My house feels so empty and quiet.  I think I can hear the air. 

We had a fantastic time at the Phoenix Zoo.  We walked over twelve thousand steps.  Our feet and other parts of our bodies complained about all this activity.  Sigh, I am sooo out of shape. 

The weather was perfect for being out doors all day.  Slightly over cast with a cool, light breeze.

We visited the malls, IKEA and other places to shop.  Window shopped like old times and watched the people. 

We also visited with my boys and their wives.    We shared great food, conversation and laughed a lot.

Now I am feeling lonely.  Sigh! 

Tomorrow I will have to get back into the saddle and work on my writing.

I will have to get back into the routine of writing and blogging.

Just noticed I need to paint my finger nails.  I'll paint them a happy color and maybe I want feel so sad.

See you around the block.



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