Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where Is The Sandman?

All week I have been having trouble sleeping.

I see this commercial and wonder where is my sandman?

I know you are saying, you have your night and day mixed up, your clock is upside down and etc.

Problem is, by the time I do fall asleep, I am exhausted and talk myself out of setting the alarm to wake me up at a normal time.  What would be the normal time?  I am sleeping during the day, not at night.  How would I set an alarm?   Very confusing, but it could be the lack of sleep.

I think my sandman may be having a problem too.  Maybe he sleeps at night instead of going around sharing his sleeping sand.

But then again, maybe the sandman is a little scary looking.  I know my eyes feel as if they have been filled with sand and not the good kind.

With my luck, this is probably my sandman.  Scary, Huh?  No wonder I can't sleep.  Who would want this sandman in their home?

I was amazed with how many scary pictures there are of the sandman on the internet.  I borrowed all these pictures from a free site and they had some even stranger pictures.  Hmm, note to self, maybe counting sheep would be better.

Knowing me I would lose count and have to start over and it would piss me off.  Who can sleep when they are mad?

You are probably thinking, I am not getting enough exercise.  But I promise you I am.  Remember, I am walking and my extra steps run between two thousand to over four thousand per day.  What more do you want?

Of course, since I am not sleeping, I am eating and the diet has gone out the window.  Bah Hum Bug!!!  I had just lost a few pounds and now they are back with friends.

So far this week in the early hours of the morning, I have done my laundry.

I did my taxes on line.  Yes, I am waiting till the last minute.  Geez!  Give me a break!  I use to be the one that had the taxes done as soon as I received my W2s, but it seems that person has disappeared.  Wonder if I should make out a lost person report?    But, I have to admit, that woman drove me crazy.

Camille tea is suppose to help you sleep.  It gave me a tummy ache. 

Hot chocolate tasted great and all, but it didn't help me sleep.

Drinking wine didn't help either. Sigh loud and long.

I may have to break down and take sleeping pills.  I hate the way they make me feel the next day.  Dragging, slight headache and in a bad mood.  Yeah, I would rather be grumpy from lack of sleep, thank you very much.

After giving up hope of sleeping.  I make a pot of coffee and enjoy every cup of it.  After the sun has come up and I am sitting in front of the TV watching early morning news.  You guessed it.  I fall asleep.  The caffeine should have kept me awake, but I am out.

Of course, (damn, the computer is fooling with me!  I tell it I want regular type and it decides I want this.  Damn!  Damn!)  You have noticed, my paragraphs are started with italic letters?

Let me assure you, it is not on purpose.  Machines like to fool around with me.  Ugh!!!!!!!!

I really need to dust this place.  I just noticed my keyboard and etc. are covered in dust.  Hmm, maybe if I cleaned the computer, it wouldn't be changing my type style on me as I typed.

Soooo, as I think about doing some cleaning............

See you around the block.  (no I did not want bold)


  1. I've had the same issue most of this week. I think it's the full moon.

    Here's to better sleep tonight!

  2. I never thought of the phase of the moon having something to do with not sleeping. Hmm, it's a thought. I will have to pay more attention. Hope you have a better night sleep also.