Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Road Trip

Sorry about getting this blog up so late, but life happens.

We were living in Paramount Calif., and my parents lived in southeaster Az.  We traveled back for Christmas and had a great time.  Of course we didn't leave Az., when we should have and wound up traveling back late in the night.  John had to be at work  early the next morning.

As I told you before John would forget (1) I am night blind  ( 2) I am directionally challenged and it is dark, it is late and we would soon be reaching San Diego.  He pulls over and tells me to drive, since the baby is asleep and he needs to get some shut eye for work.

I hop over into the driver seat without a word thinking I can do this.  Just stay on the freeway and drive.

In San Diego they detour me off the freeway because of some construction work was being done on it.  I wasn't worried, I thought it would be easy to follow the signs and get back onto the freeway.  Hmm you are yelling "Oh No!"   I spent hours trying to find that dang freeway.  The only problem is, I never saw any signs directing me toward the freeway.

It is now three in the morning and we should have been home by now.  John sits up in the seat, looks around and asks, "Where in the hell are we?"

I glance at him with a big smile, shrug my shoulders and chirps, "I don't know, but I have found the scenic route."  At which point, I point to the small sign next to the road.  "I wish it was daylight so I could see it."

John gives me that look that tells me he wonders if I am for real.  "How did we wind up here?"

"Well, you see they detoured me off the freeway and I haven't been able to find it again.  But I found the scenic route."

John rubs his face with his hands mumbling something I couldn't hear and then says, "Pull over, I will drive."

It took that man only a few minutes to fine that dang freeway and he drove us home.  He had enough time to unload the car, kiss me and the baby and he was off to work.

The man never learned!  LOL

Found some interesting blogs today.  Enjoy reading.

Confession of a bookaholic; interview with Sara Shepard wrote the book Everything we ever wanted to know about hazing and bulling

Interesting post by Janet Reid, Literary Agent about why she had turned down two books lately.  It wasn’t because the authors couldn’t write.  Interesting and make some of the rejection slips more promising than I thought.

Liana Banks has a great recipe for sourdough pretzels.  Hmmm need to make some.

Paperback writer reminded the authors NaNoWriteMo is coming soon and asking for suggestions how she could help.  I voted for fun stuff.  An author needs a little time to rest and laugh.

Loved Lipstick Chronicles today about sneaking out to Target and I enjoyed reading all the comments. 

Terry’s Place had a great corn casserole bake recipe today.  Love it!

Girlfriend book club Susan McBride wrote about if we had a crystal ball.  Yeah knowing me I would have forgot what it showed me and went alone my merry way making the choices I shouldn’t. LOL

…then she writes by Heidi Windmiller about how it can drive you crazy taking a break from writing.  Totally agreed!  Thousand voices in my head trying to be heard, telling me their stories.  It is hard to drive in heavy traffic with all this going on.  OHMYGODWEAREGOINGTODIE!!!!

The Stiletto Gang had a great personal gem of history.  I am a history buff and enjoyed it immensely.  Maggie thank you for sharing a piece of your past and of Bart’s part in it.

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