Friday, October 14, 2011

Charlie Insists

As I have written before I have a parrot in the book I am writing now.  I told you he was mouthy and he still hasn't shut up.
He has now decided he needs more voice and the reader should be able to share his thoughts.  This bird is driving me crazy.
He says he is four hundred years old and I told him to drop dead.  He didn't. 
I told him this is a mystery not paranormal.  He doesn't care, he insists he is four hundred years old.
I told him this would completely change the story and he insists it wouldn't.  I wasn't planning to write a sequal to this book.  He insists he needs to become a household word.  I told him to get real.  He gave a very wicked chuckle.
I've had bossy characters before, but this book seems to have more than it's fair share.  They all want their side of the story told.  I told them to drop dead.  They didn't.
This book will never be finished if this keeps up.
Charlie sits there giving me a bird grin.  He does have intelligent eyes.  Should I listen to him?
Charlie likes to dance and of course he thinks he is better than everyone.  He thinks humans are dumb and only puts up with them because they are entertaining.  He's better than a watch dog, especially since he has it down pat how to bark like the biggest, baddest dog on earth.  Thinking about that bark gives me chills.  Charlie also has definite ideas how Wendy should dress.  He insists through his four hundred years he has met many fashion smart people.  The ladies in court adored him for his advice on how to attract a man's attention.  Ya right...
I think I need an asprin, I am getting a headache.  The bird will not shut up!
Drop dead Charlie and leave me alone.
I need more coffee! 
Damn, this bird is following me everywhere.  Next thing I know he will be telling me how to dress.  I tell him a cold day in hell.
While I wrestle with this parrot, trying to get him to get back in the story my way.  Happy reading.
See you around the block

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