Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let Go of My Steering Wheel !!

The boys are growing and now there are four and they have come to enjoy trips with mom.  We live in the small town of Elfrida, about thirty to thirty five miles away from Douglas.  We do all our shopping in Douglas and back then you were lucky if you saw more than five cars on the road going and coming.

The baby would start crying or the boys would be boys and cause a ruckus in the back seat.  I would turn while driving to take care of the problem.  Ya you know this woman would forget she was driving.  I did and generally speaking I would feel the car go off the road and I would turn back to guide the car back on the road with out a change of speed.  I mean really why would I take my foot off the gas?  I was trying to get somewhere.

If it was dark I would wind up turning into ditches looking for the turn off for our home.  So as you can see the ditches and I had a relationship going.  LOL

This time on our trip to Douglas John my husband was riding as a passenger.  He was suppose to be taking care of the baby and the other boys in the back seat.  The problem was John would drift off to sleep the minute he sat down in the car.

Soooo, the baby starts crying, I look and see John is asleep and turn to take care of the baby.  Handing him his bottle and I feel the car drift into the ditch.  I turn back around to guide the car back on the road when suddenly out of no where, John's hands are on the steering wheel keeping me in the ditch.  I begin slapping his hands and telling him to let go of my steering wheel.

He tells me I can't get back on the road this way, I will shoot across the highway to the otherside.

I tell him to let go of my wheel and I would be able to stay on my own side of the road.

Now while all this is going on, you would think I would take my foot off the gas.  I think back and wonder why I never took my foot off the gas. I am still barreling down the ditch at 55 mph.

Was it because my dad told me to control the car with the gas pedal and not the break?  The break would get you in trouble is what he hammered into my head.  Dad drove a big semi truck hauling rock to the smelter.

Here I am fighting over my steering wheel doing fifty five and I am in a ditch with speed limit sign coming up.

I hear my oldest son in the back seat say, "Dad, mom can do it let go of the steering wheel.  She does it all the time."

John lets go of the steering wheel and I pull the car back onto the road and I stay in my lane.

I point at the sign and tell John "You almost made me hit a sign."

John gives me that look of  (is she for real).

So John never grabbed my steering wheel again especially after the boys told him stories of how we seem to wind up in a ditch off and on.

Ya, I know, you are wondering why that man ever let me behind the wheel.  To tell you the truth I always wondered that myself.  He would never tell me.  He would grin and shake his head giving me that look.

I lowered the price of my first book "Second Chance" to $1.99  at Smashwords and Amazon.
I find it easier to do and find things on Smashwords.
Amazon takes me foreverrrrr and then it always says it will be twenty four hours before the changes are made.  Really !!! 
I really wish Amazon would look up how Smashwords had the desk top set up for authors.

Do you find Amazon easier or harder to use than Smashwords?

Let me know.   But then again you never know it could just be me.  LOL


Second Chance          

Fainting Damsel               


Second Chance:         

Fainting Damsel                  

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