Monday, October 24, 2011

He Thought it was Safe

We traveled often to Playsa New Mexico to visit one of John's brothers and his family.  Generally John always did the driving.

This time was different.  John was worn out from running around with his brother doing brotherly things and decided since it was daylight, I could drive us home and he and the boys promptly fell asleep.

As luck would have it I come to a fork in the road and I sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out which one I was suppose to take.  I had never paid attention to the land marks be passed when John was driving and I use land marks to bet from point A to point B.  I look at John and he is sleeping so soundly he hadn't noticed the car had stopped.  I figured he must really be worn out.  Soooo I figured I would take the part of the fork that was straight instead of the curvy one.

I drive along looking at the scenery and hunting for a sign saying Douglas this way.  Douglas is in Arizona and it usually can be found on any map, so I should find a road sign.

I found a small road sign pointing toward the mountains that said Douglas was that way.  I take the turn and continue traveling positive I would find Douglas.  The paved road soon changed to a dirt road and I continue.  It never entered my head to turn around and go back to the fork in the road.  I think one reason I was afraid of becoming even more lost than I already was.

Now I am in the mountains surrounded by forest and a dirt road that hadn't seen a grader in a long time.  It is beautiful scenery and I am enjoying it.  I keep glancing at John every time I hit a rough spot wondering when he would wake up.  I wanted to share this beautiful scenery with him.

I don't know how long I have been driving, but it is beginning to seem forever.  John sits up after a nasty rough spot in the road and looks around.  With that look on his face,( is this woman for real), he looks at me and asks, "Where are we?"

I smile and wave my hand toward the scenery, "Isn't it beautiful?  Look there is water running in that stream."

"You don't know where we are, do you?"

I look at John and shake my head no.  "You see there was a fork in the road and I couldn't remember which one I was suppose to take.  I really think they should have more signs out telling in which direction something is.  Oh, look!  There's a deer."

"You expect me to get us out of this mess?  This time you need to figure it out."  John sat back, crossed his arms and looked out the window on his side of the car.

Our oldest son woke up, looked around and leaned over the seat, "Where are we?"

"Your mother has found the scenic route.  We don't know where we are."

"Oh, okay.  Do we have anything to eat?"

"Afraid not son.  Have some water."  John passed back the large jug of water we always carried.

Needless to say an eternity later we are heading down the other side of the mountain and in the distance I can see a thin ribbon of highway.  I feel elated to see a paved road.  I was beginning to think I would never get out of the forest.

I finally reached that ribbon of highway and stop.  There isn't one  sign any where to tell me what lies in either direction.  Really you would think at the end of every road they would give you some information of what lies farther down the road, so you could make an educated choice.

"Mom, turn left," says a small voice from the back seat and I turn to look at my second son.

I look at John with a raised eyebrow and he sits there grinning like an idiot.  I turn left and head down the highway.  The tension in my back eases as I follow the road around another mountain and I see the small cafe/bar/store of Silver Creek.  Finally, a landmark I remember, and I know I am headed to Douglas.

From the back seat I hear my oldest son whispering to his brother, "I don't know why dad let's mom drive.  It always takes  longer to get there when she does."

John mumbles something under his breath I can't hear.  Then he says in his defense, "It was daylight.  I didn't think she would get lost in the daylight."

The boys in the back seat laughed and I look at John with a smile on my face.

"Think how boring life would be without these little adventures."

John mumbles something under his breath I can't hear.

All I have to say the man never learns.

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