Friday, October 28, 2011

How Deep is the Water

I'm late, I'm late, according to the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  Boy is he right.

We will continue the saga of my life.  As I have told you I am a tiny bit night blind and directional challenged.  I drive by landmarks, not street or road names.

My husband John would look at me sometimes and ask, "Why aren't you blond?"  I don't mean any disrespect to blonds out there, but you have to remember this was years ago and blonds at that time were shown as clueless.  I was a brunette with brown eyes.  But I was also clueless half the time unfortunately.  Do you know how hard that makes life for the person who is clueless?  It's a good thing I was also a sieve brain, that way I didn't remember half  the bad. LOL

My husband had a lot in common with my parents.  He loved to prospect for gold. What is it with gold fever?

We never found any, but none the less he dragged the kids and I out to prospect.  He loved finding site where old towns use to be.  One of those places was Charleston.

To get to Charleston we had to cross the San Pedro river.  By cross I mean, drive through the water, but this is Arizona and we didn't really need to worry about the depth of the water that much.

This particular weekend.we have the boys loaded in our 1967 Mercury Comet and it had rained earlier in the day.

The Mercury didn't have air conditioning and yet we made a lot of trips to California and Texas in this car.

Air conditioning in the car at this time was a luxury and it would cost you a pretty penny.  Amazing what you can do without if you hadn't ever experienced it.  I wouldn't think of driving around Arizona now without air conditioning in my car.  Guess I have become soft.  Ha!

We get to the area where we drive across the San Pedro to Charleston.  The river is running fast from the rain, (let's face it, it was flooded) but a little more water doesn't stop John.  In he drives, going slowly and I wonder how deep the water is.  I ask John and he says he doesn't really know.

John also had moments of being clueless and he says, "Since we are moving slowly, open the door and find out."
I look at him smiling and agree.  I open the door and in comes the water.  John yells shut the door and I finally get the door closed, but by then the inside of the car has water in it.  HMMMM

The boys are all excited about there being water in the car now.  John turns to me, winks and say, "I didn't think the water was that deep."

I agree and we continue on to Charleston to picnic on boloney sandwiches, chips and water.

We made a lot of trips to Charleston that year and wound up having to have the u joint replaced on the car twice.  Come to find out sand and water seems to damage that part of the car.  Oh well.  After paying for the first replacement by a shop, John carried an extra u joint and replaced it himself when it needed it.

Charleston was an old mining town located between Sierra Vista and Tombstone.  When the mines played out the town was torn down and moved to another booming spot for miners.  At the time there were a few crumbling adobe walls left of the town to mark it had ever existed.  I imagine by now they are gone also.  They fenced the San Pedro off and you can't get down into the areas we used to visit.  It was beautiful there with the white oak trees lining the river and grasses growing like crazy.

Do you have memories of times long ago when you were surrounded with the people you love? 

Liana Brooks had an interesting blog yesterday on how to reach the inner child energy.  Check it out.

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