Monday, October 10, 2011

Complex Characters.

I have been working hard on my story.  I have run into a problem of my characters not behaving.  My good guy has a dark side and my bad guy has a heart.  Hmmm!  They will not behave and do what I tell them.  Oh no, they don't want to be what I want them to be.  Geees!  You know how men can be?

Then also I have been a little depressed, life sometimes gets a person down.  I am fighting my way back up to the surface.  I will shake it off soon and be my normal happy, zany self.

Plus my books are not selling very well and I keep giving myself pep talks to keep going.  I tell myself the third time is charm and etc.  I hope I start listening soon, because I think this is part of the depression problem.

Long time ago when I was younger and my two middle sons were 3 and 4 years old we were driving into town.  You have to remember this was before seat belts and car seat laws had even been dreamed about.  The 3 year old was standing up in the back seat in a spot that would block me from being able to use the mirror to see behind me.  The 4 year old for some reason only known to him realized it and he told his brother to sit down because mom couldn't see behind the car.  The 3 year looked back behind the car and then turned to look in the direction I was driving.  He turns to the 4 year old brother and very seriously said, "Mom isn't backing up."  I am sitting in the front seat chuckling while the 4 year old is trying to explain it to the 3 year old.  He convinced the 3 year old to change his spot and the rest of the trip was made with all of us happy as larks.

See you around the block.

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