Monday, October 17, 2011

A little bit about me

I thought with todays blog; I would tell you something, a story about me and it will be the funny parts of my life with my children and husband.

Both my husband and I were raised in a small farming community in southeast Az. 

John my husband had seen some of the world.  He had lived in Calif. for a time.  He was drafted into the army and stationed in Germany.  This was in the 60s.   I never had the chance to travel around the world, much less out of state.

My husband was eleven years older than me and sometimes he would look at me as if he didn't think I could be real.

We had been married a few weeks and he decided we needed to move to California.  He had lived out there before and liked it.   He was sure his old boss would hire him again.

We packed up our 1956 Ford Fairlane Convertible.  We put the top down and I sat as close as I could to my honey.  The car had bench seats, no seat belts and there wasn't a law about them. 

I was to be the navigator. (bad choice, I get lost)  John didn't realize that yet.

Anyway we are driving along and I see this sign with an arrow pointing down a road we are coming up to say San Diego this way.  I point and tell John the signs says that way,  he gives me a quick kiss and takes the road I am pointing at. 

I don't know how long we had been driving, we were newlyweds and life was wonderful.  I see a sign that says San Diego that way.  I point and tell John the sign says San Diego that way.  John gives me a quick kiss and we sing along with the radio as John makes the turn down the road. 

Time passes and I say; "The sign says San Diego that way."  I point at the road and John slows down, looks at me saying, "Doesn't this look familair to you?"  I look around, give him a sweet kiss and a big smile, chirping, "No, I don't think I've been here before."

 John grins shakes his head, "We have been down that road twice and it circles around bringing us back to this same spot."

I look around totally mystified, "Oh okay."  John stays on the right road and we continue our trip.

The amazing thing was John would forget and let me navigate once in a while and drive while he slept.  He was a very brave (crazy) man sometimes.

I thought I would write on my blog on Monday, Wed., and Fri.  and of course, you never know I could write more. 

Yesterday I read what John Steinbeck wrote, "Advice For Beginning Writers."  It was interesting and is as true today as it was back then.  This can be found on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing on facebook.

I enjoyed Kate Wood's blog.  She had a lot of different blogs you could visit from her site.

Heidi Windmiller on her blob ...then she writes wrote about establishing voice in your story.  She had some great advice and examples.

Liana Brooks' blog was "Failure Is an Option".  It was very interesting and I agreed with what she had to say.   Of course I added my two cents in the comment section.

See you around the block.

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