Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interesting Reads

I read some interesting blogs today.

Marilag Lubac's blog about concentration reminded me of the time when I was dancing on the stage and how I would forget there was an audience.  I would be so into the music, nothing existed but the music and the movement of my body.

Kate wood's blog about two Gods.  Ares a Greek God and Camulus a Celtic God.  Ares is well known and Camulus is less known.  I love history and even when it is a God who may have or may not have lived I am hooked.

Last night I watched a documentary on Prohibiton in America.  It really was interesting, but like I say I am into history.  A time when politic decided to be a moral watchdog.  Needless to say it didn't work.

The third blog that I found very interesting was When Pigs Fly, it was about writing letters and how the art of letter writing is dying.  I find that sad.  My daughter and her husband moved out of state and that first year I sent a card with tid bits of my life and questions to my daughter every week.  She told me on the day my card would arrive, her whole day would brighten.  Holding a physical card work much better than all the emails we shared at the time also.  Of course we spoke a lot on the phone.  My cards did the same thing for my daughter as the written letter did for the pioneers.  Nothing seemed as important as receiving a letter from home, or a parent receiving a letter from their child who had left their nest to travel the vast unknown.

Do you write letters or send physical cards or is it all internet now?

Do you receive letters or cards?

I know when I receive a card it makes me smile and a happy tune plays in my head.  I like the physical and visual contact of the actual card.

See you around the block.

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