Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Title not in cement yet

As you know I have been working on my book Charlie.  I haven't been able to settle on a title yet.  Here are some choices I am kicking around:  Charlie;      Charlie Blabs;      Charlie Tells All. 
Need more thought.

The work is going good and after reading one of the blogs, I realized I did a lot of my editing while writing.  I always read what I wrote yesterday and make changes to it today and then write some more new stuff. 

Read a blog about having a color reference notebook.  Sounds like a great idea, this way you don't describe someone's eyes the same way you described another character's in a book.  I will need to start one soon.

Read about how books should be written with three acts like in screen plays.  Made a lot of sense.  As you notice I forgot to make note of the sites I visited.  The muse was working overtime and I had to get to work.

Remember my books Second Chance and Fainting Damsel can be bought at Amazon or Smashwords.

See you around the block

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