Monday, September 12, 2011

Adventures in a Life

I am sore today.  I know your thinking, did she climb Mount Everest, swim the English Channel?  Sorry you would be wrong.  I am sore from moving boxes around in the shed hunting for a small CD that goes with my wireless card (my son said I needed it).  Didn't find it!  Son came over looked over the situation and asked where was my network cable.  My PC had been sat up wireless by another son a few years ago.  Moved boxes around shed for the second time.  Didn't find it!  Looked through closets, drawers because I knew I had one before.  We decide after I have spent hours on all of the hunting I needed to buy a new network cable to solve all our problems.  The wireless part to my laptop still works, but now my PC is hooked up to the internet with a cable.
I was worn out by the end of the day and my knees hurt.  LOL   Giving away my age by complaining about knee pain and soreness.  Oh well, need to get some writing done.  See you around the block.

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